Friday Photos From Corsica ~ September 25th, 2015


Our adventure in Corsica began last Saturday. We arrived in Corsica Saturday evening after a very long day of travel. We drove from Umbria to Livorno to take the ferry across to Bastia, which is in northern Corsica. Once we arrived in Corsica and managed to disembark from the ferry, we had a long drive to Ajaccio to meet the group we were traveling with. Over the next ten days, my husband plans to cycle around the island with friends while I drive with three of the wives who are not cycling.

After a day off in Ajaccio, we were off to Bonafacio for the night. We squeezed in a boat ride and six-mile hike in Bonifacio and then headed north to Quenza, which is in the mountains. The weather changed from very warm and sunny to cool and rainy once we arrived, but we managed to entertain ourselves despite the weather.

We head next to northern Corsica where we’ll find the chestnut forests and the stunning beaches. It will be a whirlwind vacation, but by the end, I hope to have explored Corsica as fully as one can in one visit.


The Iles Sanguinaires a short distance from the Pointe de la Parata just outside of Ajaccio.


And the cyclists are off on day one from Ajaccio to Bonifacio.


The Citadelle d”Ajaccio built in 1492 and the beaches of Ajaccio.


Glorious views of the cliffs along the coast of Corsica on our drive to Bonifacio.


Another stunning view along our drive to Bonifacio from Ajaccio.


A lighthouse seen from our boat tour of the cliffs of Bonafacio.


The white cliffs of Bonafacio that we walked on.


Glorious colors in the water next to the rugged cliffs.

Deborah Mele
September 2015


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