Top 2020 IFF Recipes

Thankfully 2020 is finally behind us with all of its challenges that we have all had to face. The one positive aspect of the past year was that by being forced to stay home more, I spent a lot more time in the kitchen developing recipes, making homemade pasta, and perfecting my bread baking. Although I am not one to look backward, I think it is helpful to reflect on which blog recipes have become the most popular with my blog readers. I usually find it quite surprising as the recipes I thought would become popular typically are not the ones that actually are.

I hope you get to try a few of the recipes below so you too can enjoy them. Let us look forward to a better 2021 with a lot of delicious new recipes to enjoy!

Pasta alla Norma


Triple Garlic Pasta


Chicken Piccata With Artichokes


Focaccia With Artichokes & Olives


Sicilian Fennel & Orange Salad


Apple Olive Oil Cake


Sicilian Eggplant & Almond Pasta


White Bean Escarole Soup


Chickpea Farro Soup


Fried Peppers & Onions

Buon Appetito!
Deborah Mele 2021

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