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Being an avid home cook who has had a recipe blog for almost twenty years, I am a little particular about my kitchen tools and equipment. When the folks from emailed me and asked if I’d like to do a product review, I was more than happy. I chose the 4 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven to review as I have been using my twenty-year-old Le Creuset frequently during the Pandemic, making lots of stews, soups, and homemade bread. I was curious to see how the Italic Dutch oven would compare to my old Le Creuset.

When the package arrived, I quickly got to work testing it out, first baking a loaf of bread in it, and then the next day preparing a hearty pork stew that I served over creamy polenta. I couldn’t see any difference in the Italian oven’s quality compared to my old Le Crust, and cleaning up was a breeze. I include instructions for using a Dutch oven in many of my bread recipes, and many of my readers are concerned because they can’t afford the usually costly pot. I am happy to say that for $75, this Italic Dutch oven is of the best quality, and I know that I’ll be using it frequently over the years. It is a sturdy, heavy-duty piece that can be used in a myriad of ways, both on the stovetop and the oven.

Dutch Oven Product Details

– Enameled shiny finish
– Easy to clean and maintain
– Enamel has a slight non-stick quality
– Creamy interior to see your vegetables and meats browning in real-time
– Oven safe up to 400 degrees
– Safe for all cooking surfaces, including stovetop, oven, broiler, and even the grill
– Retails for $75 (Compared to Staub -$99 & Le Creuset -$335)

– 100% cast iron
– Stainless steel knob

About – Italic Black is a new way of shopping, one that gives you the same advantages that brands have had for years, connecting you to high quality manufacturers and letting you shop at factory prices. Members are granted access to Italic’s full range of high-end products, made by the same factories that make your favorite pieces, but sold at cost. That means that you’ll only pay for the product itself and any fulfillment fees (like packaging, warehousing, and shipping). There’s no high-end branding to pay for, and no retailer looking to make a profit. Just the perfect pieces, at the perfect price, always.

Deborah Mele
January 2021

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