Friday Photos From Umbria ~ November 8th, 2019

Fall is a great time to visit Umbria as the weather is wonderful, and there are festivals every weekend celebrating everything from white truffles to black celery. Often there are so many festivals taking place each weekend that you have a choice of which one appeals to you more. We recently visited Pietralunga for the White Truffle & Potato festival which takes place in a small town in northern Umbria. It is a great festival for anyone who loves truffles as we do!

We also attend the Black Celery & Sausage festival in Trevi every year as black celery is such a unique product, and Trevi is a beautiful little town to explore. Trevi is the olive oil capital of Umbria as well, so you can take part in olive oil tasting throughout the fall months.

We had friends come stay with us this fall to help us harvest our olives, and after we completed that, we explored Umbria with them visiting Assisi, Gubbio, Orvieto, and Montefalco. We visited Assisi on a Sunday, and it was so packed with Italian tourists we weren’t even able to get into the cathedral as the lines were so long!

This weekend we head to Le Marche to explore Urbino and another white truffle festival in Acqualagna just outside of Urbino. Of course since we will be so close to the Adriatic coast we hope to enjoy a seafood meal or two while we are there as well. In just over two weeks we leave Umbria until March, so we are trying to fit in as much as possible while we are still here!

Pietralunga White Truffle & Potato Festival

Trevi Black Celery & Sauasage Festival

Assisi On A Very Busy Fall Sunday

Deborah Mele 2019

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