Friday Photos From Umbria ~ September 6th, 2019

We are back in Umbria! It feels so good to be back although I have experienced the worst jetlag ever this trip. It is strange, because usually I do not even get jetlag coming this way anymore, but this week has been brutal which is why this post is so late. Since I have only slept a few hours since we arrived Tuesday morning, we haven’t done a lot yet, but we did manage to get to the onion festival in Cannara last evening. It is one of Umbria’s largest food festivals, and although Cannara isn’t the prettiest Umbrian town, this festival runs for two weekends and attracts thousands of people. My husband told a vendor to give us twenty euros of onions and we now have enough onions to last our entire three month stay here in Umbria! Food festivals, or sagras, can be found throughout Italy though they seem to run mainly from spring through fall. If you want to experience the real Italy, visit a sagra and mix with the locals.

Being jetlagged I haven’t gone too far from home since we arrived, but I have taken the time to enjoy the views right outside our back door. When you see it all the time, you tend to forget just how gorgeous Umbria is, even the little we see from our property as shown in the photos below.

The rolling hills of Umbria as seen from our property.

View from our pool deck.

View from my kitchen window!

Not too busy yet, but an hour later it was difficult walking down the narrow streets in Cannara it was so crowded.

A typical onion stand in Cannara during the festival.

The squat onions on theright are the famous onions of Cannara.Taste great, but are a pain to peel!

My husband buying three bags full of onions for twenty euros!

Deborah Mele 2019


  1. Hope you feel much better soon! Your posts are so lovely; they make me feel as though I’m right there, seeing the views, walking the streets. Thank you.

  2. Those Cannara onions look like cipollini onions. I read that some one said to dunk them in boiling water for 15 to 30 seconds, if I remember right, and the skins come off easily after taking them out. Maybe ice bath after? Well with 3 bags of onions it might be worth an experiment! Your pics of all the beautiful foods, colors and terrains of Italy are so appreciated by this dreamer, thank you.

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