Friday Photos ~ Florence ~ May 3rd, 2019

We have been trying to squeeze in a day trip to Florence before we leave Italy and the first time we tried I became ill, then the weather held us back. Finally this past week we decided to go despite what the weather Gods offer. It was a cloudy, grey day, and we did have a little rain, but we still had a great time in Florence! We are lucky in where our farmhouse sits in Umbria as we are just under a two hour drive to either Florence or Rome. We love to get out of the country every once in a while to shop and enjoy lunch in a larger city. It is a nice break, and experiencing the crowds of tourists always makes us appreciate our quiet home in Umbria even more!

The Amazing Florence Duomo With Its Constant Crowds Of Tourists

Bella Firenze Looking Down The Arno River


The Top Of The Duomo

Ponte Vecchio

Gorgeous View of Florence

My Favorite Spring Vegetable At Mercato Centrale – Our First Stop in Florence!

Nothing Better Than A Well Made Cappucino To Start Your Day!

Produce At Mercato Centrale

Deborah Mele May 2019

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