Friday Photos From Umbria ~ April 27th, 2019

This week we headed up to Bettona to enjoy a dinner hosted by Dario Cecchini, the famous butcher from Panzano at Osteria di Vin Porcello in Bettona.We’ve known Dario for many years and he is one of those people that you know when he enters the room because the air changes his personality is so big. It was a lovely meat centric dinner and although it was a late night, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Dario brought his crew and ingredients including his amazing steaks from Tuscany for the meal. The Osteria is in a lovely spot just outside of Bettona and the patio has a gorgeous view that overlooks Assisi.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful as I was fighting off a bug of some type, but today I awoke feeling much better and the skies are clear and the views amazing. After a few days of rain this week, the Umbrian landscape is very green, and the poppies are just beginning to emerge along the roads and across the fields. I took a few photos today as we headed down to Pantalla to buy some ingredients for dinner including some lovely fresh artichokes.

The Steaks From Macelleria Cecchini

The Private Dining Room @ Osteria di Vin Porcello

Dario Awaiting The Steaks From The Grill

Dario & I

Views From Our Road

Olive Trees & Green Patchwork Fields

Views On The Road To Pantalla

View From Our Road

Deborah Mele 2019


  1. Your photos bring back wonderful memories of the landscape and of Dario. We met him while travelling with our daughter and Italian son-in-law in 2013. Our son-in-law had met him before, so it was like catching up with an old friend. He was very welcoming at the macelleria. Thank you for a very interesting blog with delicious recipes. Great photos, too!

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