Our Dolomite Getaway

We just returned from spending four nights in the Dolomites. We had actually planned this trip last fall but then my Father-in-law fell ill, and we had to cut our stay in Italy short. When we were deciding where we wanted to take a quick trip this fall, I convinced my husband to return to the Dolomites. Northern Italy is very unique although it often feels more German than Italian. We stayed at the Schloss Hotel Korb just minutes from Bolzano for all four nights, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how dog-friendly the hotel is. They have signs to hang on your door if you are leaving the dog alone in the room, and dogs are even welcome in one of the three swimming pools. The views from the hotel were absolutely stunning, and I loved just sitting by the window gazing out over the vineyards. The hotel produces its own wines, and the hotel even had a complimentary wine tasting on the first night we were there.

We spent one day exploring Bolzano, another Merano, and our last day I talked my husband into taking the Great Dolomite road from Bolzano to Cortina D’ampezzo. The scenery was breathtaking, although the drive was a little challenging with lots of hairpin turns. I would highly recommend the drive as the views are definitely worth it. You can also hire a driver to make the trip as well if you are not comfortable with this type of driving.

Alto Adige is well known for its large number of Michelin star restaurants, in fact, it has more Michelin stars than any other Italian region. We just had to take advantage of this and booked a lovely lunch at Sissi Restaurant in Merano overseen by chef Andrea Fenoglio We chose the seven-course tasting menu and spent two hours enjoying some fantastic south Tyrol dishes. Although the region is Italian, everyone speaks German, and the food has a traditional Germanic flavor. We had a lovely break, but it is always wonderful to return home to Umbria. We have just one more month left in our stay, and so far the weather has been gorgeous. Hopefully, the weather will hold up so we can harvest our olives next week!

Schloss Hotel Korb 
Hocheppanerweg 5, I-39057 Missian / Eppan
South Tyrol / Italy
Tel.: +39 0471 636000 or +39 333 1503760
Fax: +39 0471 636033
[email protected]

Schloss Hotel Korb



The Great Dolomite Drive

Deborah Mele
October 2018


  1. Just stunning. Thank you for always posting pictures from your trips. I can certainly understand your wanting to visit an area that is “more Italian” next time.

  2. Such gorgeous photos. We visited the Dolomites years ago, and enjoyed the food and wine of the area, of course. Duh. I can’t believe i just wrote that! In any case I remember reading that although you were in Italy, you wanted to get out of the Dolomites and back into the more Italian region of Italy. I totally understand, but being a mountain lover, I was in heaven. And I loved the Austrian-Swiss-German aspect of the area. And the wine from Alto Adige….

  3. My family roots are in Trentino, although further south in Val di Non. Very different than Bolzano and we speak strictly Italian, although the Austrian food influence is still strong of course. Drive 15 minutes up the mountains though and there are German speaking towns. It’s a very unique place.
    We were there for 2 weeks this summer and although we had every intention of going north to Bolzano and area we didn’t make it, too much to do in Val di Non and around Trento. Next trip!

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