Friday Photos ~ September 28th, 2018 ~ Florence & Cortona

After a rather rough start to the week trying to get over some bug that I somehow caught, I was finally feeling better by midweek so we decided to take a short getaway to Florence. Our farmhouse sits in central Italy, under three hours from both Rome and Florence making it easy to take quick trips whenever the urge hits. I love Florence not only because of it’s stunning architecture and gorgeous monuments and churches, but it is also a great place for food lovers. An overnight stay in Florence is just enough time for us to do some shopping, visit the Central Market, and fit in a couple of great meals.

We like to stay at the Hotel Baglioni which is a large hotel right across from the train station because the staff is great, we can drop off the car and they take care of the parking, the rooms are lovely, and there is the best rooftop bar with views overlooking Florence.

Before we checked out of the hotel, we took another visit to the market just a couple of blocks from the hotel to pick up some treats to take back to Umbria with us. We then headed home but took a short detour in Cortona for lunch. I am sure everyone is aware that Cortona is the hilltop town where Under The Tuscan Sun was filmed, and from that point on, it has been a popular tourist destination. It is a beautiful town, but a little too crowded with tourists for our liking. Still, we hadn’t visited Cortona in over eight years so decided to stop off for lunch which turned out to be a wonderful decision. We had a great lunch at a La Grotta which is a restaurant that we had dined at before enjoying a plate of fresh pasta topped with white truffles.

Shopping Streets Leading Up To The Duomo.

Crowds of Tourists in Piazza Signoria.

Food Courts On Top Floor of Central Market

Everywhere You Walk In Florence There Are Gorgeous Views.

San Lorenzo in Florence.

View Of Florence From Hotel Baglioni Rooftop Bar.

Rooftop Bar @ Hotel Baglioni.

Central Market Florence

Narrow Shopping Street In Cortona.


Views Across The Valley From Cortona.

Views Across The Valley From Cortona.

Deborah Mele September 2018


  1. What a beautiful time of the year – there is a special light that comes with the fall months. In the central market pic noticed they had bitter melons – have you ever used them in an italian dish? Thought they were more of an Indian veg. Always enjoy your travels. 

  2. I love Florence, thank you for the wonderful photos, especially the one with the Brazilian flag. Is the Brazilian Embassy?

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