Friday Photos From Umbria ~ September 21st, 2018

I am back in Umbria! We arrived home in Umbria Monday and plan to stay for a couple of months, and although it feels great to be back, it also feels a little odd for me as I am used to spending six months over the summer here in Italy. Apart from two weeks in June when I came with family, this is my first extended stay here. Things look the same although we recently lost one of our chickens and our garden and flower pots are winding down for the season. Things just aren’t the same when you are not there taking care of them every day!

After spending a few days unpacking, cleaning, organizing, and filling our refrigerator and pantry, we decided to take the day off today to visit Spello, one of our favorite Umbrian hill towns. It was a gorgeous warm day without a cloud in the sky…..a perfect day to get away. Spello is known for its narrow, winding stone streets covered in flowers, making it a perfect place to explore.

The gates into the town of Spello.

One of the most photographed streets in Spello.

Cobblestone street in Spello.

The famous Arch in Spello.

Looking out towards Montefalco from Spello.

Wine crates used as flower boxes!

The view looking out over the plain from the top of Spello.

Long winding street in Spello.

Everywhere you walk in Spello you’ll see streets covered in flowers.

My six remaining yet to be named hens enjoying an afternoon snack of shredded carrots, zucchini, and mealworms.

My daily bounty from five of my chickens since one has decided to go broody so is not presently laying.


Deborah Mele 2018


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