Quick Trip To Umbria Summer 2018

I am presently in Umbria at our farmhouse with family but sadly will be leaving shortly. This quick summer trip feels very strange to me as we usually spend six months a year in Umbria over late spring, summer, and into fall. Having just moved into a new house back home however, I feel the need to be there while our landscaping is completed and the final touches are completed inside our home. We will be back in mid-September and will stay into November so I will have more time to enjoy Umbria then. My husband flew over in May to get both houses opened up, and I just arrived in Umbria June 23rd with my daughter and her family. Two and a half weeks really isn’t enough time to relax and enjoy my stay, but I will be back as soon as the summer comes to an end! (Photo Above Is The View From Our Farmhouse)

My husband has been happy to have my son-in-law and eldest grandson to join him on his daily bike rides, so most of our day trips have involved driving to a specific town to meet the cyclists, enjoying a relaxing lunch, and then returning home. In Umbria, we visited Montefalco, the towns around Lago Trasimeno, Trevi, and Todi. We also squeezed in an antique market in Pissignano, and a seven-course truffle tasting lunch at San Pietro a Pettine. It was absolutely fabulous and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Umbria! My eldest grandson, requested a trip to Panzano to have lunch at Antica Macelleria Cecchini and to visit with Dario Cecchini, so we fit that into our schedule as well, along with some wine tasting in Greve in Chianti. Our most extended trip was to Venice where we spent two nights and enjoyed some seafood meals along with a few hours on the gorgeous island of Burano. The family will return home this Saturday, and I’ll stay a few more days to clean both houses before I leave as well. Any time is an excellent time in Umbria, and it feels so good to be back creating more memories with the family.

View of Chianti Vineyards

We have seven new chickens here in Umbria who I’ll have to leave with our caretaker when we are gone, but we are thoroughly enjoying the fresh eggs that they share with us daily.

My Eldest Grandson Gabe With Dario Cecchini





Deborah Mele
July 2018


  1. Your blogs always take me back to those beautiful areas in Italy and relive my vacation. Thanks for posting! Glad to hear that you are feeling settled in your new home. All the best – Emily

  2. Where do you go in Todi and what do you see there?  I enjoy your blog and have made many of your recipes – I thank you for that!

    1. Todi is a small but lovely Umbrian hilltown. There are a number of churches worth exploring plus other options. We love to sit in the main square at one of the bars and watch the people, and there are a number of great restaurants there to dine in as well.

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