Product Review – Skeppshult Cast Iron Casserole from Pleasant Hill Grain

Growing up in a traditional household, my Mother did most of the cooking, but on those days when my Father was in charge of preparing our evening meal, he always pulled out his favorite cast iron frying pan. With that pan, he could do just about everything from fast frying over high heat to slow braising of tough cuts of meat. I never really appreciated that old cast iron pan until recently as cast iron cooking has become very popular once again. Despite the recent resurgence of cast iron cookware, cast iron has been used for cooking utensils for more than 2,000 years, and in fact, historical evidence indicates their use in China as early as 3rd century BC. Since the process of making cast iron pans did not require much technology, they became popular in many cultures across the world over time, and many households had cast iron vessels for their primary cooking.

What are the benefits of using cast iron cookware in the kitchen?

* Cast iron pans survive constant use and are not damaged with the use of any utensils unlike Teflon coated pans. Metal spatulas and ladles don’t harm the seasoning, and cleanup is pretty straightforward.
* The more you use the cast iron pan for frying, searing and baking, the better the non-stick layer of seasoning would become.
* Cast iron pans can adapt to different types of cooking including roasting, sautéing, grilling, broiling, shallow frying in a small quantity of oil or deep-frying in plenty of oil.
* Cast iron pans keep food from burning and can handle very high temperatures, unlike non-stick pans.
* Cast iron pans are as sturdy as they are heavy and can give excellent service for over a hundred years or more.
* You’ll use less oil with cast iron pans, avoid harmful chemicals, and get a little extra iron in your diet.

I was contacted by Pleasant Hill Grain to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their Skeppshult Cast Iron pans and of course, I was curious. The Skeppshult company have been making gorgeous cast iron cookware by hand since 1906 using ancient methods and traditions. They are in fact the only remaining foundry in Scandinavia which produces cookware in cast iron, and Pleasant Hill Grain carries the most extensive selection of Skeppshult cookware and spice products in the USA. The Skeppshult products have a sleek Scandinavian design that would look great in any kitchen and are indeed a step above the clunky cast iron frying pans I grew up with.

I chose the Skeppshult Cast Iron Casserole Dish with Cast Iron Lid to test out. The pot has that distinctive sleek Scandinavian design and its very weight reflects how sturdy the piece is. I first tried out my new Skeppshult casserole pan by making a Chicken Cacciatore dish which is a family favorite. The recipe cooked up perfectly in the oven after I seared the chicken pieces on the stovetop first. Cleanup after cooking was a breeze as all Skeppshult cookware is pre-seasoned with organic rapeseed oil, ensuring that each casserole arrives ready to use with a natural nonstick coating. After using my new Skeppshult casserole dish just once, I know it will be getting lots of use in my kitchen over the years.

Skeppshult cast iron cookware performs just as well on gas, ceramic, radiant, halogen or electric ranges as well as induction heat sources, and it is great to know that while many makers use recycled cast iron of questionable safety, Skeppshult uses only virgin iron ore. The bottom of each Skeppshult cookware piece has a slightly concave shape which adds stability to stovetop use and minimizes the risk of injury which is particularly important if you are using the cookware for high heat cooking.

Specific Features of the Skeppshult Cast Iron Casserole With Cast Iron Lid –

Comes in 2.1, 4.2 or 6.3 Quart Capacity
Natural Nonstick Coating
Oven Safe
Cast Iron Lid with Cast-in Handles
Distributes & Stores Heat Evenly
Concave Bottom Adds Stability
Made From Virgin Iron Ore
Exceptionally Long Lifespan With 25 Year Warranty
Made in Sweden

Pleasant Hill Grain has a large selection of Skeppshult cast iron products to choose from, so do visit their website to check out the extensive collection of Scandinavian designed cast iron cookware and spice products.






Deborah Mele 2018


  1. Since cooking is my passion, and daughter of Sicilian immigrants, circa 1916, I would love to try these new products with my mother’s recipes!!
    Most of my recipes deal with seafood, since my hometown of Gloucester, MA, is one of the oldest fishing ports. My dad fished all his life, so we always had the freshest seafood!!!

  2. I love using my grandmother skillets and dutch oven for traditional family cooking.  This contemporary cast iron Skeppshult casserole would  encourage trying new exciting recipes.

  3. I learned to cook with my Grandmother’s Cast Iron cookware and am still using the skillets and corn stick pan. Would be interested in having something from the “new Cast Iron Collection”. I will be 80 years old next month. Nothing beats Cast Iron for cooking!

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