Crespelle alla Marinara for Pomi

We moved to Italy over thirty years ago and lived in Milan for eight years until my son graduated High School. During those eight years, my son discovered crespelle and fell in love with them. Crespelle are simply crepes, stuffed with a filling, topped with a sauce and then baked until bubbly. They resemble cannelloni or manicotti, but instead of a pasta shell, you use egg crepes as the wrap for the filling.

Although you can fill these tender wraps with just about anything, it is traditional to use a filling of ricotta cheese. My son loved his crespelle filled with a combination of cheeses along with spinach, then topped with a tasty marinara sauce. I used to make this dish for my son at least twice a month and found it easy to prepare and best of all the entire family loved it.

I came across a crespelle recipe online recently, and realized at that time that I haven’t made crespelle for years, and it is certainly time for me to do so again. I have been creating recipes for Pomi the past few months and knew that a marinara sauce made with flavorful Pomi chopped tomatoes would be perfect for this recipe.

If you haven’t made crepes before, do not be concerned as they are very easy to make. I do not have a crepe maker and find a non-stick skillet perfect for making crepes, but if you have a crepe maker feel free to use it. My filling is simply a combination of three different kinds of cheese combined with chopped spinach, but you could use any manicotti or cannelloni filling you prefer.

Once baked, the crepes are tender with a pasta-like texture, but the crispy edges are my favorite part. This recipe is perfect for holiday entertaining as the entire dish can be prepared ahead of time and then baked just before serving. I have even made extra crespelle and froze half, thawing them and using them later for a second meal with excellent results.

Click Here To Get The Full Recipe On The Pomi Website!


Click Here To Get The Full Recipe On The Pomi Website!


Buon Appetito!
Deborah Mele


  1. I have made and love a lot of your recipes. I am reading this recipe and it is not clear to me when it says mix ingredients for crespelle or filling.

    There is no divide to indicate what the ingredients are for the crespelle, the filling or the sauce

    1. Claire, I am sorry about that. I had no control over posting the recipe on the Pomi website. I’ll post the ingredients as I wrote the recipe here which will explain it better for you.

      For the Marinara sauce:
      3 Tablespoons olive oil
      2 Garlic cloves, minced
      1 Box Pomi chopped or strained tomatoes
      1 Teaspoon dried oregano
      4 Tablespoons finely chopped fresh basil
      Salt & pepper to taste

      For the crespelle:
      1 ½ Cups all-purpose flour
      ½ Teaspoon sea salt
      4 Large eggs
      1 1/3 Cups whole milk
      Olive oil

      For the filling:
      3 Cups full fat Ricotta cheese
      1 Cup chopped & blanched spinach, squeezed dry
      1 1/3 Cups freshly grated Parigiano Reggiano cheese, divided
      Salt & pepper to taste

      1. Thanks for this ingredient list per part. Was trying to come up with my own and it just wasn’t making any sense.

  2. Looks great! Will try this … love all your recipes. You should know that the recipe on the Pomi site is confusing in that it doesn’t say which are ingredients are for the crespelle vs. filling. Fairly obvious except I wasn’t sure if any eggs went with the filling or not. However, I happened to see your detailed breakdown and it is very clear. Thanks for the recipe!

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