Featured Ingredient ~ Pomi Brand Tomatoes & Summer Minestrone Recipe

My blog, Italian Food Forever has now been online for over sixteen years, and throughout that time, I have experimented with many different Italian products. Anyone who knows me well knows that throughout the many years that I have been working on my blog, I have been a huge fan of Pomi brand tomatoes.

I often have folks ask how I make my pizza sauce taste so fresh, or what is my favorite brand of tomatoes, and I always tell them to try Pomi. Pomì was established in 1984 in Italy, in the province of Parma, and can be easily recognized by its brightly colored red and white boxes. By packaging their product in their unique boxes instead of cans, Pomi can keep that just picked freshness of tomatoes harvested at their peak.

I always say that to find a great fresh tasting tomato product you have to taste it directly from the can (or box when speaking about Pomi brand). If it doesn’t taste sweet or full of flavor before you add any other ingredients, you just are not using a quality product. I’ve encouraged many folks to try Pomi directly by dipping their spoon into the box when they are in my kitchen, and everyone is always amazed at the full, vibrant flavor.

My favorite Pomi product by far is their chopped tomatoes. I probably grab a box of Pomi Chopped Tomatoes three or four times a week to use in my recipes, and it is my go to tomato product to use in my Quick All Purpose Tomato Sauce, in my no cook pizza sauce, or in many of my other traditional Italian recipes. When making a slow cooked pasta sauce, I usually combine Pomi chopped tomatoes along with a box of Pomi Strained Tomatoes (tomato pasatta).

I was recently contacted by Pomi US to create a recipe for their website. Since it is summer with fresh vegetables readily available we decided that a full flavored Summer Minestrone recipe would be perfect. Here in Italy, soup is enjoyed year round, and a soup such as minestrone is served at room temperature or just barely warm during warmer months which encourages the full vegetable flavor to shine.

On hot summer days, I like to serve this soup at room temperature ladled over slices or grilled crusty Italian bread with a dollop of fresh basil pesto on top. Pomi chopped tomatoes were the perfect tomato product to use in this minestrone recipe as the vibrant tomato flavor served as an excellent base for the rest of the vegetables used. Please check out my Summer Minestrone recipe on the Pomi website!

Pomi tomato products are available in most major US grocery stores, and Pomi now offers eight different products including two types of organic tomatoes. You can learn more about the Pomi brand on the Pomi US official website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The perfect summer recipe to make when vegetables are at their peak!

Please check out my Summer Minestrone recipe on the Pomi website!

Buon Appetito!
Deborah Mele 


  1. Absolutely OUTSTANDING and we made both the vegetarian and chicken stock versions (both homemade). In the future I will have to at least double what we plan for as there was zero leftovers and we would have loved some for the following days lunch.

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