Friday Photos ~ Venice ~ A Photo Journal


We were home for just a week from our two week trip to Puglia when we headed off to Venice for our annual getaway. Venice is less than a five our drive from our place in Umbria, so we try to spend a couple of nights there every year. I was tired from our two weeks in Puglia, and we had family arriving shortly after our return from Venice, but I talked my husband into making the trip anyway, and I am very happy that I did.

We love to stroll through the city, getting lost in the areas not often visited by tourists and we continue to be amazed at the elegance and beauty of Venice. Of course, we also visit Venice for the seafood, and on top of eating all the local catch at every meal, we always bring a cooler of seafood home with us that we buy at the fantastic Venice seafood market. On previous trips, we always took the boat to Burano to admire the colorful homes there, but this year we decided to stay in Venice instead.

For lunch, we always visit a couple of bacari where we enjoy a few cicchetti along with a glass of wine. For dinner, we often visit our favorite restaurants such as Corte Sconta, but this year we tried a new place (new to us) called Al Covo. We had heard that Al Covo was a place packed with tourists, and indeed it was, but the service was outstanding and the food was delicious. We were even lucky enough t get some of the last of the soft shell clams of the season (molleche), which are one of my favorite things to eat in Venice.

Deborah Mele
June 2017

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