Photos From Italy ~ April 22nd, 2017

This week we took a little break and headed over to Tuscany. Our farmhouse here in Umbria is exactly equal distance from Rome and Florence, and we often make day trips to Florence to shop. This trip we decided to stay overnight so we wouldn’t have to rush back home. Florence is a breathtakingly beautiful city, and although it can get very congested during the heat of the summer, in April, it isn’t too bad.

We have made so many trips to Florence over the years and therefore have done all the usual sightseeing one does when visiting Florence. Instead, we spend a lot of time in the Central Market, which was renovated a few years ago. The market has just about anything a food lover could want, and we thoroughly enjoy browsing through the many food stands, and then head upstairs for lunch. We always enjoy our time in Florence, which feels like a big city to us coming from the Umbrian countryside, but it is always nice to head back home to our little piece of paradise in Umbria.

The Arno River

The Duomo

San Lorenzo Leather Market

Carriage Rides Through The Historical Center

There is always a line up at the Lampredotto Stand. This is a traditional Florentine dish which consists of the final lining of the cow’s stomach. Kind of tastes like corned beef to me!

Amazing Mercato Centrale

Spring Produce At The Florence Market

The Upstairs Dining Area Of The Market Is Always Busy!

Streets Lined With Motorcycles

The Ponte Vecchio From The Back

Piazza Della Republica

Deborah Mele
April 22nd, 2017


  1. My husband and I fell in love with Florence many years ago and we go back every year, we rent an apartment and it feels like ( for a short time) that we are part the city. Next year is our 25th Wedding anniversary and we’re spending it there .   
    Thanks for a great blog with wonderful recipes, although as a Brit some of the American use of food names and makes is confusing. 

  2. I so enjoy the pictures of the architecture, the markets, all so inviting!!! Love that you share all this with us!

  3. I miss Firenze too, fell in love with that city the first time I visit with my late husband Patrick and will return again to honor his memory.Ciao bella Italia

  4. I love looking at the pictures you share. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit any part of Italy yet but hope to do so. As I look at the pictures I picture myself there and enjoying everything around me.

  5. My husband and I were in Florence a month ago and loved it. It’s like reliving our vacation looking at your pictures.

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