Friday Photos ~ Venice & Burano ~ September 16th, 2016

We decided to travel outside of Umbria this week as my sister-in-law and her husband are visiting and they have never visited Venice. We spent two nights and three days in Venice, traveling by water bus to Burano one day as well. We try to visit Venice every year, even if it is just a quick getaway as it is such a unique city and has the freshest seafood which we love. On our first day we traveled to a few of our favorite checchetti bars for lunch, then walked around the city for hours. On our second day we traveled to Burano, diod some shopping, and had lunch at our favorite restaurant Gatto Nero. Before we headed for home, we visited the seafood market and filled a cooler full of fresh seafood to bring back to Umbria with us, and had a lot of fun preparing some wonderful seafood from Venice in our kitchen in Umbria.

Piazza San Marco

Heading towards San Marco by water bus.

The Bridge of Sighs.

The Grand Canal.

Busy streets of Burano.

Colorful buildings of Burano.

Buying seafood at the market in Venice to take home to Umbria.

VERY fresh seafood at the market in Venice.

Deborah Mele
September 16th, 2016


  1. saw u crossing the realto with ur dog tucked under ur arm. u were going down and i was up. by the time i realized who u were from ur blog you were gone. still here til tuesday now raining but still better than being at home. love your blog. karen ill catch u next time

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