Friday Photos From Umbria ~ June 3rd, 2016

This has been another busy week, beginning with the market in Perugia, rose shopping outside of Assisi, and Cantine Aperte on Sunday. The Saturday market in Perugia is one of our region’s largest markets and you can buy everything from garden plants to baby ducks. There are a number of produce vendors, even some organic, and of course it wouldn’t be an Umbrian market without a number of porchetta trucks!

We visited an amazing garden shop outside of Assisi that only sells David Austin roses from England. These are the most aromatic roses I have ever encountered, and the variety of colors and types of roses was almost dizzying. We bought five more bushes to fill up our rose beds, but as soon as we returned home we realized that we probably need at least another five. Back to the rose market we go!

Cantina Aperte is held the last Sunday in May and cantinas across Italy open their doors for tastings. You pat five euros for a glass and holder (the money goes to charity), and you can visit any participating cantinas you choose. We met friends for lunch at cantina Terre Margaritelli, then stopped off at cantina Lungarotti on the way home. We are heading to Florence Thursday to spend the night, and then we are off to France to visit friends for ten days.




Deborah Mele
June 23rd, 2016


  1. LOVE the Roses with fresh Rosemary in your vases…such a great idea! Must be so very fragrant as well as lovely to visually enjoy!!

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