Friday Photos From Umbria ~ May 20th, 2016

The Giro d’Italia came through Umbria last weekend so of course my cycling obsessed husband had to see the riders. They both arrived and departed from Foligno, which is great because they are so fast if you are watching the finish, they flash by. Even taking photos gets tricky because by the time the camera sensor has focused, the riders are long gone. We arrived in Foligno Friday afternoon and checked out all the Giro sponsors. The riders came through around five; then we headed over to Villa Roncalli where we would spend the night and have dinner. We have been visiting Villa Roncalli since we lived in Milan, in 1987, mostly to enjoy Maria Luisa’s fabulous food.

Saturday we had great intentions to watch the riders warm up and then take off to their next destination which was Arezzo in Tuscany. Unfortunately, they had a late start that day, and it was raining, so after walking through Foligno we decided to skip the start and headed to San Terenziano for Porchettiamo instead. Porchettiamo is a celebration of porchetta, and some porchetta producers from Umbria and beyond come to have their goods judged. This festival runs three days and includes live music, all types of food, local wine, artisan beer, and of course LOTS of porchetta. Wanting to beat the rain, we headed to San Terenziano early afternoon before the crowds arrived, tasted some pork, visited with friends, then headed home.


Main Piazza in Foligno


Giro Village of Sponsors


The crowd is growing awaiting the finish of the 7th stage of the Giro.


The finsh of the 7th stage in Foligno.


Bringing it home!


The team cars arrive with some of the stragglers.


Villa Roncalli in Foligno.



Our amazing dinner! Was too full for dessert!!


Rainy day for the start of the 8th stage from Foligno to Arezzo.


Porchettiamo stalls setting up for the afternoon crowds.


This town in Lazio is famous for porchetta.


Ah….a porchetta panini and some Cantina Peppucci wine.


Alessandro Granieri, a family friend, and the best porchetta producer in Umbria.

Deborah Mele
May 20th, 2016


  1. I love your blog as we live not far away, however iam frequently frequently frustrated because you have been to events we would love to have attended had we known about them!
    Do you have a website you could suggest where we would find out in time to plan?
    Much as I love Umbria, and I really do, I do find the Umbrian people hopeless at selling themselves!!!

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