Friday Photos From Umbria ~ April 29th, 2016

We returned to Umbria this past Monday, and although it feels great to be back “home,” until today it has been very chilly and windy. Our farmhouse is made of stone, and without being heated all winter, it was often cooler inside our house than it was outside.

Thankfully we have a wood burning fireplace which has been well used this week! Our little dog Zoe has been bundled up in blankets on the couch all week, and I am sure she is wondering why we left warm and sunny Florida for this cold place. Today was sunny and much warmer, so I took Zoe for a walk to admire the views up and down our street.

Tomorrow we leave for a ten-day tour around Sicily, a region we have yet to discover. We plan to drive around the island to see as many of the sights as possible, and to enjoy the unique cuisine of Sicily.


My six chickens were very happy to see us return and to once again enjoy the many treats I prepare for them.


A very cold little Yorkie named Zoe.


  Our rental house, Il Casale di Mele.


View from our terrace.


The green rolling hills of Umbria viewed on our walk.


Poppy lined street looking up at the tiny town of Piedicolle.

DSC_6279Poppies can be found lining many of the roads here in Umbria.


Looking through the olive trees up to the town of Collazzone.

Deborah Mele
April 29th, 2016


  1. Such a thrill to see Zoe all tucked in her blanket. Our little angel passed away a few years ago and still have not been able to bring another pup into the house, but I’m so happy that you have found the strength to bring her home!

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