Friday Photos From Italy ~ Venice ~ September 18th, 2015


We are now past the halfway mark in September and are counting down the weeks before we harvest our olives and leave Umbria until next spring. My Sister-In-Law has returned home after her quick first trip to Italy, and although we weren’t able to show her everything, I feel she had a pretty good taste of life in Italy.

One of our favorite overnight trips was to Venice, which is just a four hour drive from our home in Umbria, but feels like an entirely different country. We love everything about Venice (apart from the crowds), and were very happy to squeeze in another quick trip there before leaving Italy. We are getting ready to head to Corsica this coming weekend, but today I am sharing some of my photos of Venice from our recent overnight trip.


One of my favorite views walking through Venice are these glimpses of life from the bridges.


I love the reflections in the water and watching Venice life on the water.


The Grand Canal.


Basilica San Marco


Piazza San Marco at night!


Watching life on the water from the water bus.


Sign at one of our favorite Bacari listing their chicchetti.


Two traditional Venetian chicchetti – Bacala Mantecato & Sardi in Soar.


A stunning produce stand at the Venice market.


Seafood offerings at the Venice market.


The freshest seafood you can buy at the Venice market.

Deborah Mele
September 2015


  1. Leaving next week for my first trip to Italy. Your photos are beautiful and I am getting so excited to see everything in person!!

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