Friday Photos From Umbria ~ September 11th, 2015


This past week has been a bit of a blur as we traveled daily taking my Sister-In-Law around Umbria to share with her just a little bit of our lives. As always, it was wonderful being able to share some quality time with her, and it was fun to share our region with her as it was her first trip to Italy. I do not think it will be her last however, as we are already planning her next trip!

One of the fun experiences we have here in Umbria is taking part in the various festivals across the region. This week, the 35th Festa Della Cipolla took place in Cannara, a small town in central Umbria. This is one of the largest food-related festivals in the region, and one we always enjoy attending.

There are various little pop-up restaurants or tavernas across the town, each with their own menus. The one thing these menus have in common is that everything listed contains onions, from appetizers to desserts. This festival is one big party with live music, various artisan craft stands, and lots and lots of people.

We chose to dine at Il Rifugio del Cacciatore, one of the largest tavernas in Cannara. Although we arrived well before the listed opening time, a crowd had already formed at the entrance. The way that the seating was handled was unique, a sort or organized chaos I’d describe it, but in the end everyone was seated, orders were quickly taken, and the food arrived promptly.

I have posted a photo of just some of the onion inspired dishes we enjoyed that night below. We didn’t stay for the live entertainment because we had an early start planned the next morning as we were heading off to Venice.


Walking into Cannara for the festival.


Stands selling the famous Cannara onions as well as other local Umbrian products can be found throughout the town.


Its all about the onions!


There are even things for the kids including this guy on stilits making ballooon animals.


One of my favorite festival activities is enjoying a cocktail in the piazza people watching.


The line is forming for the taverna we chose 45 minutes before it is scheduled to open!


We made it inside the tent in good time despite the crowds.


Some of the options we enjoyed for dinner, all including onions!


Of course we had to stop and buy onions to take home with us!

Deborah Mele
September 2015



  1. Beautiful photos Deborah, I’m sure that your sister in law enjoyed her visit with you! The foods looked phenomenal!

    Will you be trying out some of those recipes yourself??

    Have a great weekend,


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