Friday Photos From Umbria ~ August 21st, 2015


It has been a quiet week here in Umbria and thankfully the temperatures are now back to normal.  Since we stuck close to home, I was concerned that I didn’t have any new photos to share for my Friday Photos so today I took a long walk and brought my camera with me. Although I am well aware that we live in a beautiful region when you are busy with the day to day tasks of completing daily chores, you sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the beauty around you. I did that today and will share some photos from my walk with you today.


View from our property.


Olive trees next to our property.


Olives from our trees. It LOOKS like we may have a good harvest this year.


Piedicolle, the small town up the road from us.


View of Todi in top right as seen on my walk.


One of many olive tree fields in our area.


Another view of the Umbria countryside as seen on my walk with Todi at the top left.


Wild blackberries growing along our road.


A field down the street from us was prepared for an ancient game called Piste Ruzzolone. The game involves rolling large wooden disks down tracks.


The road I walk down. The trees from either side create an awning, keeping it cool during warmer days.


Grapes on our property ripening daily.

Deborah Mele
August 2015


  1. Geat pictues Deborah!
    On your last picture …. is that copper sulfate spay on the vines? Brings me back to my childhood days on the farm (in Italy).
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you Deborah for that small peek into the beautiful countryside near your home in Umbria…breathtaking!

    I so wish to visit Italy again in the near future, it has been way too long..


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