Friday Photos From Umbria ~ July 24th, 2015


It looks like we will break a record this month for the hottest July in a hundred and fifty years here in Umbria. I can tell you that it really was that hot with daily temperatures close to a hundred degrees over and over again. Thank goodness for the pool! Our family arrived for their yearly vacation throughout the month, and at times we had twelve family members staying with us. Despite the heat, we managed to work in some day trips, and one day we explored Assisi. With four out of five of our grandchildren boys, I knew that the the Rocca Maggiore, a large fortress that sits above Assisi would be interesting to them, so after exploring the Basilica of Santa Chiara and the breathtakingly beautiful Basilica di San Francesco, we headed up to the Rocca.


Basila di Santa Chiara


The Grandkids At The Fountain in Assisi.


Matthew Admiring The HUGE Meringue Treats!


The Basilica di San Francesco


St Francis Astride His Horse With Bowed Head. This Statue Captures The Moment When, In 1204, The Saint Heard The Voice Of God Telling Him To Leave The War And Return Home.


Exploring The Rocca Maggiore Above Assisi.


Views Of Assisi From The Rocca.


Views Of Surrounding Countryside.


Gorgeous Umbrian Countryside.


Rocca Maggiore.


Despite The Heat, I Fried Up Zucchini Flowers And Sage Leaves A Few Times During Our Family’s Stay As They Are A Favorite Of My Granddaughter.

Deborah Mele
July 24th, 2015

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