Friday Photos From Umbria ~ June 5th, 2015


Another week has passed and the weather has been absolutely glorious here in Umbria apart from a few late afternoon thunderstorms that pass through quickly. Our vegetable garden is flourishing, and it is obvious why Umbria is called the green heart of Italy because everywhere you look, the landscape is colored in vibrant shades of green. This past weeked we visited Villa Fidelia in Spello to see a rose show, attended a vintner’s dinner at a local cantina, and attended Cantine Aperte on Sunday. Cantine Aperte is held on the last Sunday of May and many, many cantinas across Italy open their doors to the public for wine tasting. We managed to visit a few cantinas including Scacciadiavoli, Antonelli, Raina, and San Rocco and tasted a LOT of good wine!


Villa Fidelia Rose Show


Beautiful Grounds @ Villa Fidelia in Spello


Flower Covered Streets in Spello, One Of My Favorite Umbrian Hill Towns


Views From Cantina San Rocco


San Rocco Cantina

sanroco1 copy

Wine Tasting @ Cantina San Rocco


Vinyards @ Cantina Raina


Cantina Antonelli


My two chickens Giulietta and Ophelia were screaching at each other one day as they fought over who was going to get this nesting box. Although there is another one right next to it, all three hens prefer this box for some reason so trouble happens when more than one hen needs it at the same time. I went down to check on them as they were finally quiet and found this. I guess they decided to share the box although they were determined not to look at each other!

Deborah Mele
June 5th, 2015


  1. I just happened to discover your blog as I was sifting through images. Somehow, I fell upon your blog…very charming.
    I become weak at the knees when I enter European towns such as Spello…blooms everywhere warm my soul. Grazie ;o)

    All the very best,

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