Friday Photos From Umbria ~ June 26th, 2015


After a fun filled eleven days, we are sorry to see my niece leave us today and head by train down to Calabria. We won’t be lonely for long though, as my son and daughter, along with their spouses and children will be here in less than two weeks. Time just seems to be flying by since we returned to Umbria in early May though we are trying our best to enjoy every minute of our stay.

We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Venice this past week to share the Venetian experience with my niece for her first time, so it was a short week in Umbria. We did build a new chicken coop for our three hens before we left and spent a gorgeous day in Orvieto last weekend. During her stay with us, my niece expressed her desire to see a rainbow like the ones I have posted photos of in the past. Just for her, we had an incredible storm that produced a huge double rainbow that encircled our property last Saturday. I took so many photos in Venice that they deserve their very own post, so I’ll edit them and share them next week. Here are a few posts from Orvieto, a double rainbow, ride in our 1970 Fiat 500, and our new chicken coop.


Double rainbow over our property looking towards Collazzone.


View from La Fortezza dell’Albornoz in Orvieto


The magnificant Duomo in Orvieto.


Mosaic design at top of the Duomo.


Side of the Duomo in striped marble.


Winding streets of Orvieto


Plate of Pasta Norcina  in Orvieto- Sausage & Shaved Black Truffles.


Gates tLa Fortezza dell’Albornoz in Orvieto


View of lush Umbrian countryside from Orvieto.


Taking the Fiat 500 for a spin.


My niece enjoying a ride in the Fiat.


Our new chicken coop (condo?).

Deborah Mele
June 26th, 2015


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