Family Truffle Hunt 2014 – A Photo Journal


Our daughter and her family are presently here visiting us in Umbria, and although we planned a number of fun day trips along with a couple overnight excursions for their two week stay, the one request we had from them was to take them on a truffle hunt with Wild Foods.

My husband and I had our first truffle adventure with Nathan and Francesca from Wild Foods in 2013 and we talked so much about it with our family they all wanted to experience it themselves. Our grandkids who are now 6, 11, and almost 14 years were particularly excited about our truffle hunt as they all have learned to enjoy Umbrian truffles over the past 6 years that we have been living here.

Just like any hunting adventure, you cannot always expect to find truffles in the same areas you did before. Our truffle expert Luca took us to two different destinations in the forests around Pettino with little success as he was only able to uncover two small truffles as it was evident animals such as porcupines or wild boar had got there before us.

Our third stop we were much more successful as the dogs quickly scented on a spot well buried under a log where Luca uncovered three extremely large truffles. I will share our 2014 truffle hunt in the photos below, but you can read about the entire adventure in my post Truffle Hunting in Umbria with Wild Foods – A Photo Journal.

We had a very enjoyable full day in Pettino truffle hunting followed by a pasta class and then a leisurely lunch al fresco prepared by Francesca and her friend. I thoroughly recommend that anyone coming to Umbria takes part in their own truffle adventure with Wild Foods as it will be a unique activity they will always remember.


Following Luca and his three truffle dogs as we search for black summer truffles.


The tiny hamlet of Pettino, the headquarters for Wild Foods.


The first truffle of the day. Fragrant but not very large.


Luca in the lead as we head to destination number two in search of the elusive truffle.


Two of Luca’s well trained dogs having just scented truffles.


Finally, at our third destination the dogs scented upon three large truffles burried together. Luca and Alberto try and hold the dogs back so we can see the truffles just as they found them.


The three very large truffles discovered at our third stop.


After our walk through the forst in search of truffles we are taken to a pasture overlooking a glorious view of the mountains. Here we are treated to a toast of Prosecco and a snack of the cheese Francesca and Nathan make as well as scrambled eggs with the truffles just harvested shaved on top.


Luca scrambling eggs on a burner in the back of the truck that he will shave truffle on top of for us to taste.


Shaving one very big black truffle.


Preparing our eggs scrambled in olive oil and topped with truffles.


Alberto slicing cheese for us to taste with a glorious view to enjoy while we snack.


My granddaughter Sarah learning how to roll pasta from Francesca’s Mother.


Dining al fresco, enjoying a leaisurely lunch with Nathan, Francesca and their family.


A delicious bowl of pasta just freshly made while we watched then topped with a paste made with black truffles.


The black truffles we brought home with us after our enjoyable truffle hunt.


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Wild Foods

Ph- (+39) 333 498-5387

From Their Website:

When: Daily

Where: Umbria, Italy

How Much: 100 euros per person

How to Book: We don’t take a booking fee, we just pencil you in for the day and you can pay on the day

Suitable For: All

Transport: Is included from Montefalco, Bevagna, Assisi, Spoleto, Spello, Todi and other nearby towns. Is not included from Orvieto and the north side of Perugia. Please let us know where you are staying and we will let you know if we can provide transport or not

Languages Spoken: Italian, English

Please note: We walk in the countryside so you need shoes suitable for that (runners are ok). If you are unable to walk on uneven terrain please let us know in advance. If you have any dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, allergies) please let us know when you book. If we have bad weather we will be in touch to make sure you are still up for it!


Deborah Mele
July 2014

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