Castelluccio, Piano Grande & the Sibillini Mountains 2013


Our family is visiting us again this summer and one of our first trips we took together to explore Umbria was to Castelluccio and the Piano Grande to see the yearly fioritura, or fields of wildflowers that take over the lentil fields along the feet of the Sibillini mountains. The flowers appear on average between the beginning of June until the second week of July though depending on the weather conditions each year, the best time to view the flowers may vary.

Last year during this very week, the fields were exploding in color (See Photos 2012), but as we had a very wet and cool May, we were unsure just when to expect the flowers this year. We decided that the end of June should be fairly safe and so we all made the two hour trek up into the mountains.

Arriving in Castelluccio it was obvious due to the lack of crowds that we were probably a tad too early this year, but the views of the mountains were still as stunning as usual. There were only a few fields that were covered in wildflowers but we walked through taking photos anyway, and had a typical rustic lunch in the mountains before heading back home. Though not as spectacular as last year, the views were still pretty wonderful and I wanted to share some of Umbria’s beauty with you.










piano17_1 piano18_1


Deborah Mele
June 2013


  1. Astonishing. You ought to enlarge and frame some of those photos for your farmhouses. What beautiful pictures you took! The colors I could gaze on all day long.

  2. Those flowers and the panorama are so wonderfully beautiful! Hope to enjoy that some day soon again when I visit Italia. Your photos make you feel like running through the fields like a child and stopping to pick some flowers to take home…

    Thanks for sharing with us your fun adventures!

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