Top Italian Food Forever Recipes of 2012

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Happy New Year to everyone! It is hard to believe 2013 has already arrived, but as we move into this new year it is always fun to check back on the year we just completed to see what the most popular recipes were for that year. The recipes are in order of popularity, and although there are some surprises, most recipes are ones I love myself so I understand why they are indeed popular. To see the entire recipe, simply click on the image as it revolves through the slide show.

Deborah Mele 2013


  1. can’t open the top recipes – it just spis and spins and nothing happens, been that way for 2 dsys, would love to see the top list and recipes 🙁

    1. What browser are you using? It is working well for me on Safari. You may need to upgrade your browser to the latest version for the slideshow to work. I’ll check with my web developer though!

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