Murano, Burano, & A Break With Family

My family has just left Umbria after coming to stay with us for two weeks, and despite my good intentions of planning to post a couple of times while they were here, we have been so busy traveling and enjoying time together that I never even managed to post once over their two week stay.

Having said that however, taking a break from the computer every once in a while and simply enjoying being with family is a good thing, and now I am back, rejuvenated, and looking forward to creating some great recipes to share. In a two week period we managed to fit in a lot of travel and fun, including trips to Arezzo & Cortona, Venice and the islands, Assisi, chocolate school at the Perugina factory, Umbrian wine tasting, Civita di Bagnoregio (lost city), Tuscan wine tasting with lunch in Panzano, Orvieto, and last but not least we went to Gubbio on their last day and had the most amazing black truffle meal ever.

One of the trips we planned with my daughter and her family before their arrival was a quick trip to Venice as she really wanted to share this magical city with her children. As a family, we’ve been to Venice many times over the years, but we’ve never taken my grandchildren there.

My husband and I had just been in Venice a month or two earlier, but we were happy to travel back once again for a quick trip with the family. Our first day in Venice was slightly spoiled by a torrential downpour, and the city was even more crowded than it had been on our previous trip but we managed to see all the main sites and even take a gondola ride.

To escape the crowds in Venice the second day, we decided to visit the islands of Murano and Burano to give the kids a little different experience, and knew the kids would enjoy the boat ride there. I have been to both islands a few times in the past, but I had forgotten how wonderful they truly are.

Murano is more commercial with shop after shop lined up side by side selling glass items, but it is still very pretty, and certainly much less crowded than Venice. Burano is so colorful and pretty that we all couldn’t stop taking photographs, and we enjoyed one of our best seafood meals of the trip there as well. Although two days was a very quick trip to Venice and the islands, I know the family thoroughly enjoyed their experience, particularly the gondola ride in Venice and water taxi trip to the islands.

Glass blowing factory tour.






View from our gondola ride.

Our two little gondoliers, Matthew & Luca!

Deborah Mele
July 2012



  1. Beautiful pictures. What kind of a plant was that in Murano that looked like a beautiful fire pit? Your little Grandson and his puppy are so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. All your pics made me think I was there. But the last one with your little dog & grandson was the best of all. What a beautiful child……………

  3. I have some beautiful pieces of Murano Glass it was lovely to see the pics of wear it was produced. I can now see where their beautiful colours in their glass pieces have originated from. Love these emails they are very interesting and I love the recipes.
    Very grateful.

  4. Wonderful pictures. Many years ago we too went to Murano and Burano to escape the crowds in Venice, we still have the lovely glasses to prove it! It was a wonderful trip, but the return trip to Venice was interesting with a toddler in a stroller, 12 wine glasses and a water jug; our only regret is that we couldn’t carry the water glasses as well.

  5. Hi, Deborah, The pictures are wonderful. I am glad that you were able to spend time with the family and travel. Nicholas and I were in Burano and loved it. I hope you ate at Il Gatto Nero. It is a fabulous restaurant.

  6. This little guy is so adorable! He looks like he really belongs there in Venice. And what a sweet pup! Lovely post.

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