Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian

This is a wonderful reference book for anyone interested in traditional Italian cuisine. Saveur magazine captures the best of Italian food, by taking you into real Italian kitchens, both personal and professional to sample over 120 recipes made in the true Italian manner.

As well as stunning photographs of every dish, there are little sidebars of information on Italian history, regional differences, particulars about a recipe’s ingredients, and much more on almost every page. Even if you were someone who didn’t like to cook, I think you’d find this book an interesting read. For anyone with a passion for good food however, particularly tradional Italian cuisine, this book will definitely be on your shelf of favorites.

I have tried many recipes from this book, and every one has gotten rave reviews from family and friends alike. I even made homemade trofie (Trofie al Pesto) for the first time after being inspired to attempt it when I came across the instructions in this book, and it was every bit as good as the dish I had sampled in Liguria many years ago. Definitely a book I would encourage anyone with a love of Italian food to buy!

From – Finally available in paperback, Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian takes a new generation of readers into the kitchens of Italy to sample pasta and risotto made the right way, fish and shellfish dishes redolent of the sea, hearty treatments of meat and game, and tempting desserts. Along the way, the traditions behind this wonderful cuisine are revealed, from a seafood feast with a Venetian fishmonger to the secrets behind pesto in Genoa. Readers will enjoy a lasagna-making lesson in Bologna and learn the lore of white beans in Tuscany. Featuring award-winning writing, hundreds of stunning color photographs, and more than 120 recipes, here is a celebration of the world’s best-loved cuisine.

If you are interested in buying Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian, you can find it at by clicking the book below.

Saveur Cooks Authentic ItalianĀ 

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