One of the activities we enjoy most when we are living in Umbria is to visit the many festivals and outdoor markets that are celebrated each weekend across the region. Although the season gets into full bloom later as summer progresses, there are still a few celebrations taking place now despite the cool, rainy weather we’ve been having of late. When my husband read in the paper last week that the small town of San Terenziano was holding Porchettiamo, a festival to celebrate porchetta, we knew we had to visit. Really, anyplace that creates a celebration for the beloved pork sandwiches famous across Italy deserves recognition don’t you agree? If you have been following my blog at all, you know I have a special place in my heart (or stomach) for a really good porchetta panini, so to get the opportunity to taste a variety from many different regions was my idea of a great weekend activity. Read my earlier Perfect Porchetta post!

As usual as is our habit, we arrived a little too early to truly enjoy all the festivities of the festival as live music and dancing was planned for later in the day. When we arrived early afternoon though, all the porchetta stands were set up and one bought tickets for 1 euro each which would buy you one tiny porchetta panini. We bought a few tickets so we could try porchetta from a few different stands and then walked around to check out the town. San Terenziano is not a large place by any means, but was remarkably clean and well kept. Apart from the porchetta stands and a few other stands selling such Umbrian products as cheese from Montone, or saffron, there was an artisanal beer stand selling beer made in Tuscany in bottles as large as wine bottles. They were even selling Porchettiamo t-shirts and being a lover of good porchetta I just had to buy one!

To wash your porchetta down, there was also an Umbrian wine tasting stand where you could buy a taste of Sagrantino reds or some lovely Grechetto whites. Although a little early in the day, there were some locals who simply bought the entire bottle to share with friends who visited at the picnic tables set up under the trees close by. We bought a glass of wine, and then did our best to work our way through three different mini porchetta paninis each, and although we both had a clear favorite I do not think I’ll share it. You’ll just have to visit Porchettiamo yourself next year and decide for yourself!





Deborah Mele
May 2010

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