Good To The Grain

I was recently sent a copy of Good To The Grain by Kim Boyce and published by Stewart Tabori & Chang publishers to review and was quite excited to read some new recipes that feature healthy grain flours. The book is organized into chapters that each feature a specific whole grain such as amaranth, barley, corn, kamut, oat, and quinoa flour to name just a few. Although the book is nicely organized and has some lovely photos throughout, unless you are a cook that has access to some of these more unusual flours, and are in fact interested in baking with them, you might find this book a tad limited. I have been trying to add more healthy grains into our diet this year and was therefore very interested in new recipes that actually baked with these grains, but even I found it difficult to locate a number of the flours called for in my local stores.

I did make the Pear and Buckwheat Pancakes on page 79 which were delicious, and the Olive Oil Cake With Chocolate on page 172 that uses spelt flour which was a huge hit with my family. This is one “healthy” cake I will certainly be making again. Other recipes I plan to try are the Quinoa Porridge, the Molasses Bran Muffins that include amaranth flour, and the whole wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies. I love the idea of adding healthy whole grain flours into my baking, and find this book very helpful in assisting me make a smooth transition to whole grain baking. If you are looking to make healthier choices in your family’s diet than you will certainly find this cookbook helpful. For those that have never heard of quinoa, kamut, or teff flour and would have no idea where to find them, than you might not be as interested in this specialized baking book as I was. This is a great book to help those of us interested in incorporating more healthy grains into our daily menu, and features 12 grains in 75 tasty recipes.
If you are interested in buying Good To The Grain, you can find it at by clicking the book below.

Good to the Grain: Baking with Whole-Grain Flours


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