Spiced Fig Jam

When figs are in season, I try and find as many uses for them as I can, and here in Umbria we are lucky enough to have an immense wild fig tree growing in the field behind our property. One of my favorite combinations is fig jam or paste with aged cheese so I made a batch of spiced fig jam so we can enjoy it with wedges of aged Pecorino cheese after dinner.

This jam would also be great for a crostata or cookie filling. The spices I added are not too strong, but seem to simply enhance the fig flavor. You can use either black or green figs, and although I usually prefer black ones, having a huge tree full of free green figs has convinced me I love them too! I used red wine in this recipe which helps to enhance the flavor and give the jam a little depth, but feel free to use water instead if you prefer.

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Deborah Mele 

Spiced Fig Jam

Spiced Fig Jam

Yield: Makes 5 (1 Pint) Jars
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

This jam is great with cheese, on toasted bread, or used in desserts.


  • 2 Quarts Chopped Fresh Figs
  • 6 Cups Sugar
  • 3/4 Cup Red Wine
  • Juice From 1/2 Lemon
  • 3 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 1 Tablespoon Whole Cloves


  1. Tie the cinnamon sticks and cloves in a square of cheesecloth.
  2. Combine the figs, sugar, and wine in a large, heavy sauce pan.
  3. Drop in the bag of spices and bring the mixture slowly to a boil, stirring until sugar dissolves.
  4. Cook over low heat until the mixture has become very thick, about 45 minutes to an hour, stirring frequently to prevent scorching.
  5. You can if you wish use a stick immersion blender to blend in any of the fig skins that haven't broken down.
  6. Add lemon juice, remove the spice bag and cook 1 minute longer.
  7. Pour the hot jam into hot sterilized jars, leaving 1/4" head space.
  8. Adjust caps, and process 10 minutes in boiling water bath.

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    1. They are fresh. It is written in the headnotes but not clearly written in the ingredient list. I fixed that, sorry for the confusion.

  1. Would it be possible to turn this into fig paste by cooking it down further than doing a dry bake to set?

  2. This recipe is amazing and exactly what I was looking for! I was given LOTS of figs and wanted to make a spiced fig jam that had more flavor than just a sweet jam. So yummy with some blue cheese and bread! I can’t wait to share this jam with my friends.

  3. My green figs are so sweet I don’t add sugar when I make plain fig jam – do I really need sugar for this, with figs that sweet? Really, my jam has one ingredient – figs. Doesn’t even need pectin.

  4. I made this jam last year when I had some figs given to me and it was absolutely delicious . It turned out perfect and was beautiful with water crackers and cheese. I gave some away to friends and they all loved it. 

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