Product Review – Souper Cubes

I was sent a set of Souper Cubes in the middle of my move into our new home, so it wasn’t until recently that I could get them out and use them. Now that I have started using them, however, I am finding so many ways that they can make my life easier. I have used silicone baking tools before but found them so flexible I wasn’t comfortable using them so ended up discarding them. Souper Cubes have built-in stainless steel wire, creating a much sturdier (and safer) product.

Souper Cubes are made of high-quality, food-grade silicone, and both the trays and lids are BPA-free. Each Souper Cube has fill lines to help you freeze the perfect portions, and the trays are designed to fit perfectly in standard freezers. Best of all, the lids and trays are dishwasher-safe on the regular cycle. Although Souper Cubes are not microwave safe due to the inclusion of steel built in for extra support, they are oven safe up to 415 degrees F.

Souper Cubes has covered all the bases including trays to freeze breast milk, freeze perfect portions of cookie dough, and they even have stoneware options available now too!

I make my own chicken and beef broths, and the larger 2-cup size cubes are the perfect size to freeze my broth. Once frozen, they slip right out of the cubes, and I store the frozen cubes in freezer-safe bags.

I always have leftovers when making tomato sauce because I prefer making a large batch at a time. I can freeze the sauce in the Souper Cubes and then store them in the freezer, so I have just the perfect amount for individual meals, or a meal for two. Best of all, the cubes are clearly marked, so you know exactly how much you are using, and come in 2T/1oz, half-cup, 1-cup, and 2-cup portions.

It has been sweltering here in Florida this week, and my poor chickens are feeling the heat. I put mixed berries into the 1/2 cup trays, then filled them with Pedialyte before freezing. Now my chickens have a refreshing frozen treat each afternoon.

Having 26 chickens, I also am getting a lot of eggs. Using Souper Cubes, I can save measured amounts of eggs from freezing for later use and know exactly how much I have in each frozen cube.

I know that I’ll be finding many, many new ways to use my Souper Cubes as time goes by. Have a look at the options on the Souper Cube website; I am sure their products will make things much easier in your kitchen too!

Deborah Mele