Bono Olive Oil Review & Contest Giveaway

We have a hundred olive trees with a selection of four different varieties of olives on our property in Umbria that we harvest every year to create our own amazing organic extra virgin olive oil. Having the ability to taste our own delicious olive oil tends to make me a little bit of an olive oil snob, as I do know what good olive oil should taste like. When I was contacted by the folks at Bono USA  to sample their P.D.O. Val di Mazara 100% Organic EVOO, I was very curious. Bonolio was established in 1934 by Vincenzo Bono, and today is lead by his four sons. Bonolio is the largest olive mill in Sicily, and they presently produce a number of types of olive oil, Sicilian table olives, and fruit marmalades.

I recently had my family over for our weekly pizza night and decided to include them in taste testing Bono’s organic olive oil. We find the best way to taste olive oil is to pour it liberally over slices of warm, crusty Italian bread that has been lightly grilled. After drizzling the bread with the oil, all it needs is a sprinkle of coarse sea salt. The warmth of the bread brings out the flavor of the oil allowing you to taste its flavor at its best. The consensus of my family was that Bono’s P.D.O. Val di Mazara Organic Olive Oil was full flavored but smooth with a fruity flavor. It was very similar to our own olive without the sharp finishing bite that our olive oil has. I feel that this is very high-quality olive oil that I would certainly use in my own kitchen, and would recommend to others. It would be best used as a finish on soups or salads, and of course, it is lovely drizzled on slices of grilled crusty bread! To find Bono products in your area, you can use their handy store locator .

You can also find Bono on FaceBook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

To encourage more folks to learn about their products, Bono USA  is providing a selection of their delicious products produced by their Sicilian company as a tasty contest prize for one lucky winner. The suggested retail price for this package is around $70 US and includes:

Two Bottles of 2 Novello EVOO & Two Bottles of 2 PDO Organic EVOO –
Thus, Bonolio is proud to be the largest producer and trader of P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) Val Di Mazara-Sicily Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world. Bono’s P.D.O Val Di Mazara-Sicily has won numerous awards, including best International/Italian island extra virgin olive oil at the Los Angeles competition in 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012.

Sicilian Table Olives –
The Nocellara del Belice Olives, known in the United States as Castelvetrano olives, are cultivated exclusively in their native environment in and around the town of Castelvetrano in the West of Sicily.
These all- natural green olives have an incredible buttery-sweet flavor and a crisp, firm texture. They are marvelous whether as an appetizer or an ingredient of your meal.

1 Jar Organic Orange Marmalade & 1 Jar Organic Lemon Marmalade –
These two products are made from Sicily’s world-famous citrus fruits.
The climate in Sicily provides for the perfect growth and cultivation of citrus fruits.

THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER! The winner is Lucile Stachowiak

Good Luck!
Deborah Mele January 2019


    1. Olive oil always adds such a nice flavor to dishes.  Especially like to drizzle it over baked branzino; and on a thick, hearty vegetable soup or a pasta fagipoli.
      It brings out the flavor of many dishes, so trying a new Olive Oil is always welcomed!

  1. My father’s family is Sicilian and we visited there on a cruise about 10 years ago. The older I get the more enchanted I become with my culture & heritage. (My mother’s mother is Calabrian). I’ve even joined our local Italian Society in an effort to get back to my roots. I would the love the opportunity to share some Sicilian specialities with my family at a family dinner on evening!

    PS – I liked both Instagram & Facebook pages!

  2. We use olive oil in my house on a daily basis. Many meals are simply grilled bread, olive oils and grilled vegetables. Makes for the best family nights!

  3. As a descendent of Sicilian grandparents, I have learned to imbrace my heritage. Our next big trip will be to return to  Sicily to explore my roots.

  4. I recently went to Italy with my 87 year old uncle and his new bride. They wanted my husband and I to tour them around for 2 weeks. It was magical!! Since arriving back last year I try to find things to share with them to keep reliving the memories ?

  5. Nothing better than a dinner of grilled bread dipped in olive oil and topped with grilled vegetables. Always makes for a relaxing family night.

    *Also liked Bono on Facebook and followed on Instagram

  6. My husband’s last name is Bono and he is also 100% Sicilian. He loves crusty breads olive oil, olives and also marmalades. He would really enjoy trying these products!!

  7. We love good olive oil. But on our one and only trip to Italy, on having lunch at an organic farm in Tuscany one day, our guide surprised us when he said Italians don’t dip their bread in olive oil. That’s an American thing, he said. Perhaps the way you’ve described for tasting the oil is more authentic, Deborah. We’d love to try it with this very special olive oil!

  8. My family and I consider olive oil to be a major food group! We live on pasta, pizza, and freshly cooked beans with herbs and olive oil. Olive oil, olives and beautiful, sunny citrus marmalades conjure up the sun during this icy winter in Western Massachusetts. I would love to try these products and bring the sun to my home!

  9. Olive oil is always a staple in our house. When we plan meals and appetizers it makes everything so tasty. What a lovely giveaway.

  10. You have peaked my interest. I’ve always been a lover of good quality Olive Oils …. Anxious to try Bono. Many thanks

  11. Tasting olive oils like Bono’s reminds me of days in Italy. Liked Bono’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Thanks for IFF. 

  12. I have been stuck on the Tuscan olive oils and now would be the perfect chance to broaden my choices.
    I am following you on Instagram and I like you on Facebook?

  13. I just returned from a trip to Calabria & got to taste many different olive oils & eat many of their delicious oranges.  I would love to to try the olive oil from Sicily.   Looking forward to seeing their updates on Thief Facebook page.

  14. I would love to try Bono Olive Oil!  We use olive oil in almost everything when cooking.  Sicily is next on
    my travel to Italy, as my Great Grandmother came from Taormina and I’ve heard so many wonderful stories.

  15. I would love to share your oil with friends and family on my homemade italian bread which I am making a batch right now.
    Also “liked” on facebook…

  16. Innanzitutto amo il Bonolio DOP biologico per pane e parmigiano italiano e le marmellate di agrumi sono perfette con crostini e formaggi.

  17. I would love to win this prize! My Husband I do a lot of cooking and entertaining together! We have a lot of cooking contests with our friends and Family such as meatball cook-offs, pizza cook-offs, etc… We visited Italy years ago and this would really bring us back to the feeling of tradition and our dreams of going back to Italy again! I would love for our next cook-off to include this Olive Oil for everyone to sample and break bread together and enjoy! Thank you!

  18. The taste and color of olive oil delights all my senses….I could eat extra virgin olive oil by the teaspoonsful. I would love to try Novella EVVO. Thank you for letting me know it is available.

  19. Olive oil is the base of all my Italian recipes. I am always excited to try a new olive oil and explore new tastes. Thanks for the contest

  20. I would love to try a real Italian olive oil as I use olive oil in all my cooking that calls for oil. I usually buy
    a brand that says from Italy in the supermarket but it would be great to try an authentic Italain
    olive oil.

  21. My grandparents came from Sicily. A few years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Italy and went to Sicily. It was love at first sight. I use olive oil pretty much on a daily basis and would love to try something new.

  22. I met my husband while living in Catania and he came to America to be with me. He left behind in Sicily so many things he loves. He misses his family and the food. What he wouldn’t pay for an Arancino con ragu!  We do our best to buy imported ingredients for our cooking but some things are harder to find. This olive oil would make his year! 

  23. My grandparents came from Palermo. A few years back I had the opportunity to travel to Sicily and it was love at first sight. I use olive oil on a daily basis and would love to try something new.

  24. Always interesting in trying a new olive oil,as I cook with it daily. Olives are one of my favorite foods and the marmalades sound wonderful! I will like you on facebook and follow on instagram!

  25. A few years ago we visited the Sorrento area and went to watch how olive oil is pressed. I am always trying new olive oils and find I like the unfiltered ones the best. I use olive oil everyday and have many different ones. I save the very best for just dipping bread. 
    I will try to find your brand near me. 

  26. I use olive oil and EVOO every day. I cannot find Castelvetrano, which is one of my favorite olives, in my local grocery store. It would be a wonderful treat to win.

  27. Olive oil is magical!  Italian olive oill, even better….and i love tasting new ones!  Fav right now is from Luca

  28. Olive oils rank in my top 10 favorite foods! I always have too many in my cupboard, but I compulsively buy more. Good thing I use evoo  so fast!

  29. I use olive oil for just about everything in the kitchen. But I must admit, the marmalade has me intrigued as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve had good marmalade.

  30. It’s so hard to describe the amazing taste of an excellent olive  oil. In my travels all through out Italy, I’ve had the most amazing food, wine & experiences. My new found niece is Italian and she has broadened my knowledge of Italian cooking considerably. We thank god we found her.

    I’m not Italian myself, but somewhere/somehow I am. I always feel at home In a real Italian kitchen. Personally, I prefer the oils from  Sicily. The quality, color & character are superior to the other oils from the mainland. It’s hard to find the real oil where I live. You’ve got to buy it there, otherwise it’s completely adulterated & disgusting. I’ve had to go without?the real taste. I would truly be overwhelmed & appreciative  by winning this wonderful package. 
    Molto Grazie

  31. I always cook with, finish and serve only the best olive oils to my guests. Serving Bono EVOO was as good as claimed by the experts and home cooks alike!  Especially as a bread dip with roasted garlic. I wish it were more available to me but living in a very remote area I must travel quite a distance to buy it or order it on line. But it’s worth it!!  Thanks again for terrific products!

  32. I would love to win this prize! I am from Sicily and I struggle to find good quality olive oil here in the States that is not too expensive!

  33. It would be very interesting to have the opportunity to compare a Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil and with one from California.

  34. I would love to win this Italian prize because I am a Polish girl who is in love with Italian foods and Italian cookbooks… favorite Sunday trip is to the local Italian Market to load up…I’m a wanna be Italian…plus I just had a bout of breast cancer and olive oils are part of the Healthy Mediterranean Diet I am striving to use in my daily food choices….plus I love lemons and oranges …

  35. I’ve visited Italy twice and still want to go back for more. Italian food is my favorite; I love all things Italian! Would love a chance to win these products and share with my friends

  36. My grandparents were from Sicily and came to America as children. I always wondered why I my natural inclination was to add pine nuts and raisins to whatever I’m preparing. In the past few years through the internet I’ve come to realize that many Sicilian dishes include these items. I guess it is genetic! Ha! But I do enjoy all things Sicilian.

  37. My husband is Italian and even though I’m not by birth, I have embraced the culture and food. His brother is in charge of the local San Gennaro Festival and I love the opportunity to try new foods and try to replicate them at home. To try the Bono Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the marmalades in some new dishes would be fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity!

  38. I am in the process of starting my own business of my great grandmother’s sauce recipes; she was from Tuscany.
    Using the finest ingredients is of utmost importance to me, and that they be organic.
    I hope you will consider me for your winner.

  39. We recently bought some gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar from a small shop near Kansas City and loved it. It will great to try some of these goodies as our 5 year old is now hooked to dipping bread in oil..:)

  40. My husband is Sicilian and he always said Sicily olive oil is the best in the world. It would be great to have it in our household.

  41. We love Sicilian Olive Oil, we use a different brand daily, but would love to try Bono Olive Oil and the other delicious items included in this contest.
    I liked Bono Olive Oil on Facebook.

  42. My husband and I had always hoped to travel to Italy, but with different life challenges we never made it. Sicily and Tuscany were our destinations of choice. My husband is now disabled to a degree he can’t make a trip like that, so it would be exciting to get a taste of true Italian olive oil!

    Jen Harrington

  43. I love most Italian food and wine, and a great olive oil is a special treat. I have visited Italy and what a magical country it is.

  44. There’s nothing better than virgin olive oil as a dip for Italian bread!! Great with salads especially and with an entire meal!

  45. I would love to win because I’m mostly Italian (father was half Italian, half Norwegian and my mom was full Italian) and olive oil is something that has always been used in our households. And Olives are something I just can’t get enough of, so when I saw those mentioned I knew I had to enter.

  46. How about an olive oil cake with lemon or orange marmalade for dessert? Might as well eat the olives with nice crusty bread while the cake is baking! : ) This is a nice offer — thank you!

  47. Glad to learn Sicilia is producing olive products. When visiting family there, I was told no one picks olives anymore because the Spanish olive products were so much cheaper.

  48. We make homemade pizza all the time, and the recipe we use calls for olive oil. We also use it in rice dishes, and one thing I have learned over the years is that not all olive oils are created equally.

  49. I haven’t had any olive oil from Sicily and would like to try it. Now we often have trouble sorting through various oils to find the ones that are grown and packed in Italy. Labels can be deceiving about point of origin. My paternal ancestors came from Messina. I have had the privilege of traveling through Sicily in my younger years and loved it. My maternal grandparents are from Calabria and we visited there also. I’m very interested in the marmalades too.

  50. My family heritage presents a vast melting pot of Italy.  I am proud to live, eat, breathe, share and love the traditions I continue to bring into my families’ hearts and home, especially to the table.  Exploring olive oils has recently become an intriguing and enjoyable art for my husband and me.  We welcome into our home this myriad of Sician delicacies.  Most definitely I LIKE you on Instagram and FACEBOOK.

  51. Being that this is a new product for me I would love to try these Italian oils, olives & fruit. They sound delicious. Thanks for this opportunity.

  52. All my grandparents  (my Mother’s parents and my Father’s parents)are from Calabria. We use extra virgin olive oil daily. I would love to try a new brand from Sicily. It all sounds so good!

  53. My family loves to eat and olive oil is usually part of our meals, be it sauteing vegies in it or using it as a dipping for bread. Always looking new foods to share with family and friends. we also love to cook!

  54. We recently tried olive oils from other regions of Italy, and are delighted with the wonderful flavors in cooking as well as in baking breads. We will plan on tasting other olive oils, not only from Italy, but from the Mediterranean. As we continue our adventures in Italian wines and olive oils, we would be grateful to be recipients of this marvelous collection!

  55. I use olive oil when I cook and bake. I also recognize the healthy properties of olive oil. Love the photo on your Facebook page showing Bono Olive oil being poured in a martini glass. 
    I have visited Bono both Instagram and/or Facebook and follow. 

  56. I love to cook for family and friends while also volunteering to cook a dinner for about 35 of our Veterans seeking medical treatment treatment here in our Community.  I use a significant amount of olive oil both flavored and traditionaleould love to share your brand with others. 

  57. I love olive oil and bake and cook with it. Like wine I can recognize quality olive oil when I taste it. My favorite dish is pesto and that can give someone the opportunity to taste great olive oil. The area olive oil originated makes a difference. Bono Olive Oil is high Quality. I  have visited Bono Olive Oil both Instagram and/or Facebook and love the picture of olive oil being poured into a martini glass. Natures Martini 

  58. Growing up in The Bronx, N.Y. in a VERY Italian neighborhood we were lucky enough to be the only family on the block with a vegetable garden. What fond memories I have of that garden which contained not only peppers and tomatoes, but on that tiny patch of land he also managed to plant grape vines, a fig tree and even an apricot tree. To this day, decades later, I still picture my Grandfather tending
    his beloved garden and fertilizing with manure he got by taking a train into N.Y city to the police academy where he would get two buckets full from the staples where they housed horses and carry them all the way back home. That fertilizer grew the best tomatoes which my Grandmother would dry in the sun and adding olive oil, make her own tomato paste. Olive oil was the heart of everything we ate. I would love to taste this one. From my heart.

  59. Thank you for such a great giveaway opportunity! I have never had the opportunity to try Bono olive oil and would love to give it a try. As an Italian American I love cooking the recipes that my mother and grandmother brought over from Italy. I would love to use Bono olive oil in my recipes!

  60. This oil sounds amazing!  The olive oil in my area is lacking, so this would be a nice treat for me!  The marmalade’s and olives are a nice touch that I could use for a party we are hosting coming. Up.  I followed on instagram and liked  on Facebook for extra entries!  Thank you!!

  61. So, I’m Irish/German-American but I married a Roman 31 years ago and became an Italian/Irish/German-American.  Notice that the Italian comes first……EVOO, garlic, tomatoes, basil, cheese, crusty bread, wine, olives, figs, chestnuts, arugula, panettone-so much goodness!  The greener the EVOO, the better.  Bring it on-we’ll enjoy putting everything to great use at our table.   (Liked the FB page and following you on Instagram!)

  62. I love to cook and try new things with my family and friends!
    The quality looks amazing. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar it’s homemade bread yum I can taste it now.

  63. Unfortunately some of the Olive Oils I have used I have not cared for. Some of they taste a little bitter or overly strong. I would love to be able to have a Olive Oil that I can dip my toasted bread in that I would have loved. I love to dip my Italian facile slice in olive oil that is plain, with Italian Herbs and pepper, or minced garlic and Parmesan Cheese. Either way I would lie to try and use Bono’s Olive Oil.

  64. i followed you on instagram @ranajdurham and fb rana durham i would love to win so i can bake olive oil chocolate cake and use it on my roasted chicken with roasted veggies. i love olive oil with robust flavor that makes my recipestaste top of the line. i would love to win becuase i can use it to make great recipes plus the company is amazing.

  65. I always enjoy your blog and recipes; thank you!  I would love to win this prize, as good olive oil is a treasure for any cook!

  66. I do so love a good olive oil. I have sampled/cooked with various olive oils from all over Italy and want to try the Bono. Buon appetito!

  67. I found a bottle of Bono at Homegoods, not knowing anything about the brand. Lucky find I guess! I would love to be able to try other varieties of their oil now, and my kids love those olives.

  68. Olive oil is a staple in our home.  We couldn’t live without it! I would love the chance to win this very specially Bono Olive Oil. 

  69. My family is of Sicilian descent, but I order my olive oil from Tuscany.  I would love to try some olive oil from the country of my roots!

  70.  Would love to try and test the different olive oil‘s and really taste the difference between them for cooking, table and “finishing” for different foods. Just as different salts are used.   A drizzle here and there of a special olive oil saved for special foods…there is a difference from what I’m told.  Would love to be able to experience that.

  71. This is one contest that I’d love to win. Can’t wait to dip some crusty bread on a cold winter’s night into your organic olive oil. Great, simple recipe for same on Instagram. Thank you. And, what could be more appropriate than a contest with a prize of a delectable Orange marmalade. Especially when the time frame coincides with Winne the Pooh creator, A.A.Milne’s birthday of January 18th. One more perfect reason for celebration. Oh, how I love my orange marmalade and can’t wait to try yours. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Finally, I’m following you on Instagram and ‘liked’ you on FaceBook.

  72. Small batch olive oils are delicious and something we truely enjoy tasting.  We agree, some homemade yeasty bread dipped in fresh green olive oil is pure heaven.  It will be wonderful to receive the Bonolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily as we would love to sample it and compare it to some of our favorites.  
    Thank you for the offering your marvelous product contest to the readers of Italian Food Forever.

  73. I would love to try this excellent olive oil! It just looks fabulous! I see some pasta or fresh greens calling out and saying “make me better.” Thank you for sharing and telling us about it.

  74. oh I would love to win this olive oil – with easter on its way I would use this olive oil in many recipes – thank you for the opportunity

  75. Olio d’oliva from Sicilia is considered to be one of the best due to the hot, dry, arid conditions in both Sicilia and Calabria. I have seen olive trees down there that are centuries old. It would be amazing to be able to taste and cook with this olive oil especially since it is a pure EVOO oil – not easy to find these days…thank you for introducing us to such a tesoro!!!

  76. Was in Sicily last June and went to Marsala from where my parents were born. I can’t get enough of Sicily and am going back for more. I am 80 years old born in New York but I have never felt more Sicilian than now. I love everything about Sicily especially the people the food, wine and all that it offers. I know the olive oil will be outstanding as is everything Sicilian.

  77. I would love to win this and get to try the olive oils. I didn’t think I likes O.O. for a long time; then I realized that I had expensive taste and only liked the “better stuff”

  78. I would love to incorporate this delicious Olive Oil inyo my cooking, because Olive Oil is a huge part of my culture as well. Being half Spaniard, I’ve come to love olive oil for it’s many uses, ranging from cooking to skincare. I’m working a 100 mile trail running event in September and will be cooking tradional style European cuisine. This would be perfect for me and for the runners that will be enjoying my bruschetta?

  79. what a treat this would be to win – the olive oil with a crusty Italian loaf of bread and lets not forget the marmalade on that bread for breakfast or along with soup for lunch or dinner – thank you for the opportunity 

  80. As I am 100% Italian and also a seasoned citizen, I love cooking and eating anything and everything Italian.  As I absolutely love extra virgin olive oils, I would really enjoy trying Bono.

  81. Winning the Bono Olive Oil and marmalade would be so fantastic. My son lived in Italy many years and always tops his soup with quality olive oil. My husband absolutely loves orange marmalade. Thank you for the opportunity to win these products. I liked Bono on Facebook!

  82. oh  I would love to win this opportunity to try the olive oil and marmalade – I have great ideas with cold winter days ahead –  i hope I win – thank you

  83. Your products aren’t available in my area and I’d live to share them with my family at our Sunday dinners.

  84. I have also visited Bono’s Facebook page and liked it for an extra entry.

    I would love to win this package of beautiful foods as I am in the process of changing my diet to include more heart-healthy and weight-friendly foods, and this would be perfect!  I have been looking for a good olive oil, and trust your taste-testing!  Thank you for the chance to win this lovely package.

  85. I will continue to add my name to win this wonderful opportunity for olive oil and jars of marmalade – I have wonderful ideas for these products – I hope I win – thank you

  86. I would love to win,  my parents were from Catania , my family always used olive oil and I use it exclusively in my cooking and salad,   My passion is all  things Italian.  I am on in years but have never lost my taste  Bono oil oil and marmalade would be a  big treat. 

  87. My family and I love olive oil. Its a basic ingredient
    in my cooking. I visited beautiful Sicily the 
    birthplace of my grandoarents. I would love
    to try these Bono products.
    I enjoy your helpful emails. 

  88. Italian olive oil has no equal. I am always thrilled to experience a new quality PDO Organic EVOO, especially from the beautiful island of Sicily!

  89. Some of the best things in life are organic Italian olive oil, crusty artisan bread and red wine! “Mangia Bene, Vivi Felice”

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