Valente Pasta Review & Contest Giveaway

I was contacted shortly before we left for Italy By Valente Pasta to test a variety of their very popular pastas. The day after the pasta selection arrived, I set out to test two of their pasta types. I chose the spinach pasta and the lemon pepper to try and paired two different sauces, one for each pasta type. I have always been fond of spinach pasta with a very simple, fresh tasting pasta sauce, so that was my first choice. I always had some nduja sausage left in my refrigerator that I wanted to use up before we left for Italy, so I paired that with the lemon pepper pasta. (See Photos Below)

I cooked each pasta the recommended cooking time in a large pot of lightly salted pasta, drained the pasta, and then mixed it with the sauce. The pasta itself remained perfectly “al dente” with just the perfect amount of bite with every spoonful.

The fresh tomato sauce paired perfectly with the spinach pasta, although the nduja sauce was probably too heavy for the more delicate lemon pepper variety. I was pleasantly surprised with how the pasta cooked up and tasted, and would certainly recommend it to any pasta lover.

I particularly liked the length of each pasta strand as it was just the right length to twirl on your fork. If you have any trouble trying to pair any Valente pasta variety with the perfect sauce, there is a recipe on the back of each package to help you out.

About Valente Pasta:

Pasta Valente was founded over 30 years ago by Fran Valente. She made pasta for family and friends, and then she took her pasta to the Charlottesville Farmer’s Market. It grew in popularity, and today our pasta can be found in grocery stores and specialty stores across the country. The pasta is rolled, cut, air dried and hand-packed. Valenta Pasta has an egg-free, soy-free, peanut and tree nut- free, dairy-free facility. They use locally grown wheat and Non-GMO ingredients, and all of the pastas cook in 3-5 minutes in boiling water.

Valente pasta has kindly offered six of their most popular varieties for me to use as a contest giveaway for one lucky winner. All you have to do is place a comment below along with your email expressing why you would like to win this prize.

Contest Rules:

This contest is now over! The winner is Laurier Tremblay of California.

Valente Spinach Pasta

Lemon Pepper Pasta

Good Luck!!!
Deborah Mele


  1. you had me at Garlic Parsley Fettuccine! yum!
    oh, and thank you *where are my manners*
    deborah 🙂

    1. I love your blog, pictures, recipes! We are pasta lovers and the pasta combinations sound delicious. I hope to find them somewhere here in Canada or perhaps win them which would be lovely.

  2. That Lemon Pepper pasta sounds interesting, and I’ve never had a chance to use Valente pasta before.
    But honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I had any right now. haha.

    Anyway, good luck with the contest! 😀

  3. Quality pasta is one of life’s pleasures! This is a beautiful product and I would so much love to learn more about it and taste these beautiful flavors. My Mother’s parents were born in Rome and although my Grandmother passed away when my Mom was just 7,she grew up in a pretty traditional Italian home in Cleveland. No matter how often we have quality pasta, it is always a joy in our home today. I hope to be lucky enough to be granted the priviledge of this fabulous prize.l

  4. I would love to try different pastas! Weeknight dinners need a little variety around here! Thanks! Michele

  5. Thank you,  what a fun giveaway!  I admit to being pasta obsessed, I could and do eat it almost every day, but have not ventured  to try any flavored varieties.  I have some spinach in my fridge so I’m inspired to try making some, but what fun to have a variety to sample!  Lemon pepper sounds really good,  especially with a light springy sauce a la artichoke and fava or something of that nature. 6am and my mouth is already watering for pasta!! 

  6. I love all kinds of different pastas including  shapes, sizes, and flavors.  I have made a few flavored pastas, but have not made any of those shown.  I would love to try those out! They sound exciting to the taste buds!   Thanks!

  7. Each  pasta  looks delicious. I love cooking different sauces, and would love try them on all the different pastas!

  8. I would love to introduce different pastas to my little great-great nephew (Carter 4 years old). He and I cook everyday. It is fun for him to learn about different foods.

  9. I love homemade pasta!  There is no other taste like it! I would love to win the Valente pasta giveaway. One problem though, which one to try first!! They all sound delicious.

  10. I have never heard or tried this variety of pasta before and they all look very appealing. Yum!! Would love to win and try it out.

  11. I would love to try this pasta from the wonderful description that you have given. I am always looking for pastas that bring me 
    back to the food that I ate in Italy 5 years ago on my 2 week trip there. It would be a pleasure to try it.

  12. I always like to try new pasta. My husband would eat pasta for breakfast lunch and dinner. We always make our own ravioli, especially for the holidays.  My husband always says, “What would I do if I wasn’t born Italian!”  

  13. There was always pasta and sauce for Sunday Dinners at our home. Our family is Italian and we could eat Pasta with every meal!
    Thank you for having this contest.

  14. I love all types of pasta, and am always looking for new varieties to try.  These look great, and love the recipes.

  15. Now that we are retired, we have more time to play in the kitchen! We treated ourselves to a trip to Italy last Fall, and we continue to try new recipes and new ingredients at home.  Our pasta making skills are improving, but these sound so yummy! Thanks for the opportunity. 

  16. My daughter and I are both vegetarians (she being vegan) so we are always looking for new foods to fit in with our diet choices. Pasta has been my favorite go-to since I started cooking many many years ago. I would love to try Pasta Valente. Thank you.

  17. We are pasta people! The garlic parsley fettuccine sounds delicious! My husband and I love to cook and entertain and are always looking for different recipes, especially pasta! Being Italian, pasta is a staple in our home. Would love to try the Valente pasta!

  18. I like trying new pasta flavors. Most are not available locally and sometimes, I just do not have the time to make it fresh after working a long day.

  19. My family and I love all types of pasta. I like the fact
    that they remain al dente. I would love to try them
    all with different types of sauces or just with olive
    oil and garlic. This is a great contest. 

  20. Thanks to both Valente Pasta and you, Deborah, for such a nice giveaway. It is just before 8:00, a.m.; and this particular blog has me wanting pasta for breakfast! I can imagine putting seafood with the lemon pepper pasta and fresh spinach, kalamata olives, and sundried tomatoes with the spinach linguine just to get started. This is fun!

  21. My family and I love all types of pastas. I would love
    the Valente pastas because they stay al dente. 
    I would use all different types of sauces. My family 
    will be overjoyed especially my grandchildren who
    all love pasta. Thanks for offering this wonderful

  22. Love your blog. You help me bring back my childhood memories to me and my Nina Non. Have a great season in Italy. Oh yes I would love to win so I can use experiment on some different sauce recipes that you have written.

  23. I would love to win some of the Valente pasta since I live in The Villages, Florida and there are no real Italian stores in the immediate area so I have to buy Italian food when I go visit the kids in Connecticut and bring it back here. Or, I go to Venice to visit my old neighborhood and stop in Sarasota to pick up food to take back to The Villages. Thanks.

  24. I live to eat Pasta! I would love to try a new variety with a new sauce I create just for that pasta.

  25. Oh, my !  Tomato Basil…….Garlic Parsley…….Lemon Pepper…….What’s not to like!   I can hardly wait to try this new (to me) pasta.  And your pictures and sauce suggestions, Deborah, are just brilliant.  Grazi!

  26. I can almost taste my husband’s favorite scallops in a light white sauce over lemon pepper fettuccini… or chicken alfredo with mushroom fettuccini… and, bliss, a lunch of garlic parsley linguine with fresh bruschetta sauce on the deck on a beautiful summer day.

  27. The beauty of pasta, from simplest to most complex, is that it can be used to compliment anything only
    limited by your imagination.

  28. I would love to win this pasta as I have a hard time finding  fettuccine in this area. Also, the spinach and lemon pepper flavors are nonexistent here and I’d love to be able to cook with these products!  Mille grazie, Jane 

  29. I LOVE cooking with traditional quality foods with unique layers of flavors. Anxious to try this product!
    Mary K.

  30. The inspirational story of Fran Valenti is my first motivation to try these fantastic looking pasta.

  31. My family and I are always seeking new pastas to try. All the ones mentioned appear to be scrumptious. Even better, they are all made in the good old USA and of high quality!

  32. All the flavors look Divine and it’s hard sometimes to find pasta that is high quality that my vegan husband can eat!

  33. I’ve been having trouble finding spinach pastas lately and would love to try this brand! Not to mention that the garlic and lemon/pepper types sound great too.

  34. Why I would like to win your giveaway?? I LOVE PASTA! And I love trying out new products. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. My wife and I spent 6 months in Lecce, Puglia and I miss the great pasta that I ate daily. I would love to have a good pasta to eat here in the US. Many thanks. I collect your recipes with each newsletter.

  36. I can only find regular and spinach pasta in my area. Would love to branch out with these other wonderful-sounding pastas!

  37. This pasta sounds delicious.  I’ve tried some artisan pasta before and loved it.  This sounds amazing. 

  38. Being Italian, pasta is a very big part of our lives and Al dente pasta is a must. Always willing to try new and authentic pasta

  39. Pasta has become a weekly staple in our household even though we are not Italian. As you described the various pastas and sauces, I began to salivate with visions of presenting the Valente Pastas to my family. Thank you for this opportunity.

  40. Thank you for this opportunity! I am Italian and I eat pasta every day. I love fresh pasta but I don’t buy too often because it can be a little pricey. I would love to try the spinach fettuccine!

  41. I would love to try, and share, some different flavored pastas with my family.  The variety sounds so much better than the generic pastas found in our local grocery store. Thank you for the opportunity. 

  42. As I am Italian, 100%, I love all Italian food, especially pastas of all kinds.  I would love to try all 6 of these.  Please draw my name and I will be forever grateful.
    My Father was from Auronzo and my Mother from Sicily so I got both kinds of foods.  I am a Senior Citizen and hope to get back one more time to visit my relatives.
    Grazie Tanti

  43. Being Italian, I would love to try your pastas. Each one looks and I’m sure taste divine. Hope I win and thank you!

  44. Pasta is definitely one of my favorite foods. Would love to try all the different varieties to taste the differences in the flavors.

  45. I love all flavored pasta and I’m always on the lookout for new ones.. These look amazing! Thank you Deborah for the giveaway!

  46. Next best thing to traveling is to extend the authentic tastes at home! Supporting homegrown businesses seems like a win-win all around!

  47. Italian food is my absolute favorite. I could eat it 6 nights a week and have pizza on the 7th day! I am always trying new recipes, many from Italian Food Forever. I would just love to win this giveaway!

  48. I would love to try a new pasta. I was just in Italy and have a few need ideas for my new pasta Hope I win

  49. Everyone of the pastas look delicious ?My favorite food is melt in your mouth pasta and these all look like they would do just that! Thank you for the opportunity to win them, and thank you for the pleasure your website brings into my life.

  50. Thank you for this chance to win pasta. Pasta is one of my favorite things to fix and of course to eat. I am slowly trying to add more pasta to our meals. My husband was raised on “meat and potatoes”, to have the chance to bring new flavors and shapes of pasta to him will get him on the best path of eating liking the Italian people. The Italian-Mediterranean is so good for you!!!

  51. I would love to try all the varieties of their pasta! The tomato basil and the mushroom fettuccine sound delicious. I love different flavored pasta; you can do so much more with it – thank you for this opportunity!

  52. Pasta Valente made me change the way I think about grocery store pasta. Try it once and you’ll never go back! A fantastic family favorite. xoxo

  53. My heritage is from Sicily, Palermo and Sciacca to be exact. The food I grew up with was always fresh and veggies from the garden my dad had. I don’t have a green thumb but appreciate home made pasta’s. I would love to win the pasta’s to explore their wonderful taste. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  54. Oh, my goodness, at ages 74 and 84 we are on a new adventure in life. We are moving from Arizona state way up to Washington state to be around our families. We both can not wait to be able to garden again as Az was way too hot in the area to grow anything but cacti! With a huge family I could cook pasta and sauces to my hearts delight. I would use these pastas with happiness along with a good wine.

  55. It’s wonderful to see so many comments.  Your posts are always wonderful!  I always mean to try more of your pasta sauce recipes, and winning these beautiful pastas would be a great reason to really go for it.  My children have recently moved closer to me, and I would love to have a pasta party where we tried a few different pastas and sauces!  Thank you for the opportunity.

  56. My husband and I just ate at “Eataly” in Manhattan over the week-end, and I splurged and bought some of “Lidia’s” Vodka pasta sauce. One of these pastas would be a perfect go-along. Thanks for sharing with us!

  57. All of these pasta’s look delish and I would love to cook them for my family.  We are a half Irish half Italian family, but even the Irish half love Italian cooking.  What a meal we could have with this pasta.  Thank you for your wonderful site and recipes.  

  58. There is no better food on earth than pasta   Would love an opportunity to try different ones.    THANKS  for the chance to win !!!

  59. Pasta is my life. I love pasta any shape or flavor. Always trying new recipes. Would love to try these flavor my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  60. I’m passionate about making my own fresh pasta here in Austin, Texas and would like to compare and try fresh regional Italian pasta!!

  61. I would love to win!! My family loves macaroni ♡ Plus my name is Fran Valente….. we Valentes stick together not our pasta lol BTW where is your product sold..I’m in NYC

  62. There aren’t many premade pasta’s that I like buying. I am always looking for healthy pasta’s with out dairy products. I have a granddaughter with health issues that I cook meals for from time to time and this bran of pasta which I am not familiar with may be the perfect answer for her special diet.

  63. A day without pasta is a sad, miserable day. I enter every contest and I figure that one of these days the odds will be in my favor. I love your blog and ALL of your recipes but your pictures and descriptions of life in Italy the most!

  64. I would love to try some flavored pastas. I’ve only had the old standbys. Maybe I’ll get “hooked” on new flavors!

  65. Our customary dinner for seventeen every Sunday would be quite fun having a pasta tasting with different sauces.   Would love to win this pasta and share with the family.  If we win ill send the photo of all of us enoying and tasting.  

  66. We are usually making our own pasta and trying different flavors. I am not sure about the lemon pepper, but all the others look great! We would love to give them a try!!

  67. I love. Pasta all my life. If it was the only food I’d be. very happy. I used to make pasta all the time, but these sound so good can’t wait to try. them.

  68. oh, my…..all these look amazing-I have never heard of this brand and I would love to try it out! I haven’t found any pasta that has really bowled me over, but the garlic parsley just screams at me! Thanks for the chance to win it and thanks for the tip to start searching it out in my local stores!

  69. I love pasta! Since I am Italian I have to have my pasta at least once a week. My family is a pasta eating family! At Christmas I make homemade ravioli. Thank You!

  70. Pick me

    Pick me!!!! Want to make shrimp fra dioblo with your amazing looking liguini or with clams from my awsome new jersey shore. Come for dinner .Ill set another plate .

  71. I would like to try Valente pasta with a tomato sauce made with our traditional jarred san marzano tomatoes (prepared every fall with the guidance and expertise of Nonna).  My husband loves pasta and I know he would love to try this one.  

  72. Pasta is something even I can cook and sure beats microwaved cheese quesadillas every night. Plus, my brother says this is really good stuff!

  73. I would like to win this terrific prize for all the reasons given by the other contestants. Can’t do better than those.

  74. I love trying new food products, for free is extra cool. Also, my other 1/2 makes a mean Alfredo, from scratch.

  75. They all look delicious. My 7 year old and 3 year old would eat pasta all day everyday if I let them.  I am Mexican and not very good at cooking pasta but the husband is great at it.  We all enjoy some quality pasta with some  homeade sauce and LOTS of cheese on it. And don’t forget some good garlic bread. I am hungry now. 

  76. I would love to win the pasta as it looks so good and I can only imagine that it tastes the same. 
    I cook a lot with pasta and would also love to cook with Valente

  77. You know … when new friends ask you over for dinner, they sometimes ask, “Is there anything you’re allergic to or just don’t eat?”. Our answer is always, “We eat anything”. But Italian food is certainly one of our favorites and one of many things my wife and I really enjoyed about traveling to Italy. On our first visit there several years ago, we could not get over how good the pasta was … how it was cooked to perfection every time. Of course, we bought has much as would fit into our luggage and enjoyed wonderful, “al dente” pasta for several weeks back home and after running out, tried, in vain, store-bought products that could come close. After 4 years, we’ve come close … but “no cigar”. So, we would love to try Valente Pasta. Our mouths are already watering with anticipation!!

  78. I would love to try all the different flavors of pasta, they all sound delectable.
    I could eat pasta every night.

  79. I am always looking for something new and different in pasta to try. I get so excited when I come across one and can’t wait to make it. I see some yummy ones you have on your website. I would be honored to be chosen to receive one. Thank you.

  80. Each pasta looks delicious. I love cooking different sauces, and would love try them on all the different pastas!

  81. Valente Pasta sounds wonderful! I am not familiar with this brand, but how great would it be to be able to try the different flavors!
    Thank you for offering this contest!

  82. My husband and I are well acquainted with Pasta Valente. We have watched the Company grow from a few room operation to the superior pasta production that it has now become. Their attention to detail is awesome. If you are not a winner of this contest, try to find this pasta and give it a try. Remember that name –PASTA VALENTE!!!!!!

  83. Hi Deborah,
    I’d really like to win this contest for several reasons:
    the variety of pastas offered, the type of pasta being given away (cut of pasta — love fettucine), and the chance to try something new! Thank you!

  84. I would love the opportunity to try these pastas that look like my Grandma used to make. Even the pictures bring back wonderful memories.

  85. I’d like to win because I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fettuccini in any of these flavors and they look delicious! Especially the Garlic Pasta flavor!

  86. I LOVE Valente Pasta but sadly the grocery stores in my area do not carry it. I pretended to be a family rep in Harris Teeter once and tried getting it on the shelf but I see from the lack of Pasta Valente in that store that they did not believe me. So every once in awhile when I travel to the land of Ingles grocery store I stock up. The best pasta I have ever tasted.

  87. I am the queen of all things pasta! Haha. Coming from a big family of Italians, I am always trying new dishes and love it when I come across great pasta like this! Sooo much better than that boxed stuff. This family of five would be super excited to win this! We love pasta!! ♥️♥️

  88. The photos made my mouth water and I am looking forward to trying this lovely pasta. The variety of flavors is incredible! Sure hope i win so i can cook some up for dinner!

  89. I have always loved pasta my whole life. Recently, a friend turned me on to Kamut Organic ancient grain flour. I started making my own pasta with it and just love the texture of this hard flour. Of course, I used garlic, spinach, parsley, basil, etc. I would love to try some of this pasta. Thank You, Jeff

  90. I’d love to win this pasta because it is egg-free which would be great to serve my vegan family members. I also love the fact that she incorporates vegetables into her pasta recipes.

  91. my husband is italian and we love eating big pasta dinners!! these would be a fun way to try some new flavors!

  92. I would love to try out the interesting pastas! First I would make make clam linguine with the spinach linguine. Thanks for the chance!

  93. My kids and grandkids love my homemade pasta, but it lacks variety, because I don’t venture outside the basic recipe. I would love to serve them some artisan pasta with new flavors they’ve never had!

  94. I love pasta, what can I say? Your articles and recipes are wonderful. With fresh spring vegies and herbs becoming available in central Illinois, I can’t wait to try out these pastas to go with asparagus, chives plus their flowers and fresh lettuce and kale. Thank you all you do.

  95. We love a good dish of pasta with fresh grated cheeses and sauces made with what ever is in the pantry. Trying different types pasta’s when available also adds to the experience.

  96. In the tradition of my mother and her mother before her, I have started making my own homemade pasta. I’d love to win the Valente pasta – especially the lemon pepper pasta! Maybe it will inspire me to expand my flavor horizons when making my own.

  97. I would like to win because I have never tried this brand. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

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