Nonna Box Review & Contest Giveaway

Late last year, I was contacted by the folks at Nonna Box to see if I would be interested in checking out their latest addition to their regional Italian selections, specifically, their Umbrian box. Since we live in Umbria six months a year of course I said I’d be delighted! Nonna Box is a monthly subscription of carefully chosen gourmet Italian products that highlight a different region each month. Each box is shipped out on the 11th of each month, and will be at your door and in your kitchen in just a few days later. You can sign up month to month and pause or cancel your subscription at any time, or you can sign up for three, six month, or every other month subscriptions.

nonnaboxItalian cuisine is so unique and different from region to region, and a Nonna Box monthly subscription is a wonderful way to travel across Italy and explore its many regions from the privacy of your own kitchen. This is a great way to learn about traditional Italian cuisine and its many regional food specialties. Nonna Box was even chosen by The Wall Street Journal as one of the tastiest and worldliest food boxes!

My Umbrian Nonna Box box arrived at my door, and it was packed full of Umbrian specialties including Stringozzi pasta, a dried pasta typical of Umbria similar to spaghetti but thicker in diameter, a porcini mushroom spread that can be used as a sauce, a jar of vibrant flavored arugula pesto, a jar of gooseberry jam, a container of Umbrian olive oil, and a delicious bar of hazelnut chocolate. Also in the box are eight quality cards with Italian cooking traditions, traditional recipes, and product serving suggestions, along with wine suggestions from Nonna Box’s in-house sommelier. Over the holidays we enjoyed the stringozzi pasta tossed with the mushroom sauce and it was delicious.


Nonna Box has offered me a second Umbrian box to give away as a contest prize. Just follow the contest rules below to enter to win an Umbrian Nonna Box valued at $65US. THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! CONGRATULATIONS PATRICIA GROSSO AS THE WINNER OF THIS PRIZE!




Good Luck!
Deborah Mele
January 2017


  1. My father is from the Calabria Region, my mother is from the North near Parma, my mother-in-law is from Trento and my father-in-law is from Verona. With that heritage I’m sure you can see why a “Nonna” box would mean so much to me.

  2. I have multiple nonnas in my family and would love to cook for all of them using the ingredients from the Nonna box.

  3. This looks awesome! I would love to try some of those unique products like gooseberry jam and arugula pesto

  4. Gooseberry jam reminds me of my “Nonna” , this box sounds like a perfect Sunday supper especially in the cold winter months here in NY

  5. My mother is from Sicily and my father’s side comes from Naples. Growing up in an Italian household, cooking was always a big part of our lives. I love trying different products and recipes. This would be a wonderful gift to share with my mom who happens to be a Nonna.

  6. I would be thrilled to receive these products….I am 100% Italian, so all these products would be used. I am always trying many new recipes found on Italian Food Forever!

  7. Whoops – did my comment disappear? I’d love to cook these foods and try the recipes to have a taste of Umbria! Anything that includes foods from Umbria AND chocolate would be much appreciated at our house!

  8. I would like to win because being an Italian I love to cook. I would be anxious to try some of the items I’ve not used before.

  9. Married to an Italian and cannot live up to “moms” great Italian cooking. Would like to try something different and surprise mother in law with my awsomeness❤️

  10. I have been teaching my 12 year old grandson how to cook for nearly a year now. We prepare a family meal once a week. It would be incredible to introduce him to a authentic Nonna Umbrian meal. The Stringozzi pasta with Porcini Mushrooms sounds amazing.

  11. I would love to cook a delicious Italian meal for my husband using the Nonna Box. If I don’t win I might subscribe!

  12. I just started following Nonnative Box on Instagram and would love to win the box! Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. We spent a wonder week in Todi a few years ago and loved Umbria and our villa. A Nona box would bring back those memories.

  14. I would love to not only win this but I had a Nonna actually I called her Nina Non- I loved her so very much – Someday I hope to be a little ones Nonna

  15. Oh my! This would be so nice to win! My husband grew up in Gorizia and we love to see different regions when we go back to visit. Sardinia also. I am always trying different Italian dishes to see if I can impress him, so far, so good!

  16. We love Italian food and serving new dishes which are always appreciated by familyIt would be awesome to receive this collection

  17. I am a NONNA!! I am always cooking for and with my 8 year old Italian grandson Giulio. We would love to receive the box and make the reciepes together!!

  18. Why would I want to win the Nonna Box? Because it will take me back to a wonderful trip in June/July of 2015 where my husband and I spent almost a week in Umbria. It was magical. From Panicale, to Orvieto, Todi to Perugia. I would go back in a heartbeat. <3

  19. I love to cook for the people I love and share my passion for all things Italian. I will use the Nonna Box to celebrate my heritage and love with good friends.

  20. I am in love with Italian food and am always searching for the “authentic” ingredients so I can do a recipe as it should be. This would be a once in a lifetime thrill to win the Nonna Box! Thank you so much for the chance!!!

  21. Good Morning, Would so love to have a box from a Nonna as I no longer have my Nonnas or my Mama. Love becoming acquainted with the various regions of my ascentors. Thank you.

  22. I would love to win this box! I was born and raised in Italy so I constantly look for authentic Italian products!

  23. I just moved into a new place and would love to stock my shelves and impress my dinner guests with some wonderful Umbrian delicacies.

  24. Italian food is an art form! I’ve never had any Italian food that I did not like, it’s all that delicious. Would love to conjure up a lovely meal the the contents of Nonna’s Box.

    thanks for all you do

  25. My actual travel days are behind me. My new style of travel is via my kitchen. Love exploring regions on my stove top. Umbria? That would be a new adventure. Thank you!

  26. I would love to win the Nonna Box filled with so many treasures of Italy. The porcini mushroom spread sounds fantastic!

  27. I’ve always dreamed of traveling throughout Italy and this would give me a great start, learning about the different cuisines of the country.

  28. I love so many of your recipes -my favorite is your grissini recipe. I’d love to tey the Nonna box!

  29. I am an Italophile through and through, so I am obsessed with all thing Italian and love trying and different things so an Italian box of fun goodies is always up my ally! I’ve never tried Arugula pesto or Gooseberry jam before either so that would be a treat. Plus it comes with Chocolate!!!

  30. Would love to win. My Nonna was from Reggio di Calabria and Nonno Castellana Bari. I love cooking anything Italian for my family and using authentic Italian ingredients is the best!!

  31. Since we moved from bella Italia in 2008, I have longed for the traditional Italian food experience. Would love to try the Nonna box and reminisce with my family. ❤

  32. I have always dreamed of traveling throughout Italy. This would be a wonderful opportunity to sample different cuisines of the country.

  33. I’m always telling friends that “Italian” cooking is really 20 different cuisines representing the different regions. Would love to explore the specialties of Umbria.

  34. What a lovely box full of regional foods and recipes! I would love to win to try some new foods!!

    Thank you.

  35. I would love to host a dinner party with the Nonna Box for my non Italian friends, I am very passionate about my Italian heritage and I love learning and exposing family and friends to the many different regions and cultures of Italian food. “tutti a tavola a mangiare” I just luv it!

  36. I would love the Nonna box. I am always tooking to try new Italian products and incorporate them into my diet. I am learning Italian and love the Italian culture.

  37. Yes I want to win. I have never won anything ever. How grand would it be to win a box of Italian goodies from my favorite cuisine, my favorite travel destination and my happy place.

  38. My Nonna has been gone for years, and I miss her and the food. I’m hoping this will bring back alot of memories

  39. I would like to send my daughter off (moving 1500 miles away) with a fine Italian meal, and these products would certainly help meet the need! Something she would never forget, as i would give her all the equipment and goodies.

  40. I am a Wannabe Italian! Have visited 16 of the 20 regions and will use these ingredients for a smashing evening of thoughtfully prepared food topped by biscoti, gelato and Prosecco. Cin Cin!

  41. I love to cook recipes from different countries and am especially fond of Italian food. To receive this box of lovely goodies would send me over the moon and right into the kitchen. 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity to win such a terrific prize!

  42. Great ingredients that I can make into some delicious desserts and dinners. Would love to win this to try Nonna Box in my kitchen

  43. I’d like to win the box, quite honestly, because of that Gooseberry Jam. I’ve been trying different kinds of jam spread over plain goat cheese on a wheat-y cracker…mmmm, so good. Tomato jam, red raspberry jam, fresh homemade strawberry jam, and fig jam have all made the cut. Now it’s Gooseberry Jam’s turn. Thanks for the lovely offer!

  44. With a name like Vito, and being the chief (chef) cook and bottle washer in my family, I have never used a lot of these ingredients, this would certainly be something I would love to work with. Although both my Nona’s (and Mom) are passed, they were the ones who inspired me to pick up the old wooden spoon!

  45. I would LOVE to win this for my dad. He loves trying out different box subscriptions and he adores Italian foods. Looks perfect for him. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  46. We fell in love with Umbria during our Vacation to Italy. Winning these delicious Umbrian products would help to bring us back until we can return again.

  47. I am a Nonna to 3 wonderful grandchildren and hope to have many more soon! Plus I love to cook and am starting a Pesto business and have plans to move to Italy in two years!

  48. I would Love to win the Nonna box so that my Grandson and I can enjoy making some great meals together. Some of the ingredients are new to him and we will have fun looking up how they were made. I am sure he has never heard of Gooseberry jam. He is 8 1/2 and loves to learn Italian cooking with me his Maternal Grandmother. My Grandmother Louise ( Luisa was her name in Italy) taught me and I am passing this down to the 5 th Generation . I can envision us making a whole meal from the ingredients in the Nonna box. He watches the Children cooking show on the Food Network and loves to choose ingredients and surprise his Mom with dinner. Thank You..

  49. We fell in love with Umbria on our vacation to Italy. Winning these delicious products would help to bring us back, until we can return again.

  50. I would love a Nonna box it would remind me of my Momma and all the great meals she used to cook for us. I will forever miss her.

  51. I would be delighted to win such a tasty and worldly food box as the Nonna Box! What an amazing concept to be able to enjoy Italian cuisine. I even have the exact plate pictured to put the Stingozzi pasta on!

  52. My nonna is from Groppo di Varese Liguori, and everything I know about cooking is from her! She’s been gone for years, but reading the ingredients of your Nonna Box brought back every moment of the time we spent in her kitchen.

  53. wow – what an opportunity to try these unique foods – oh – i hope i win – i would invite my Nonna over and open a bottle of wine – thanks

  54. I would love to expand my Italian cooking repertoire and learn more about the food culture of my family’s homeland!

  55. Nonna Box Italian delights would be the ideal gastronomic gift to begin the New Year and dream about “La Dolce Vita”!

  56. Recently remodeled our kitchen and would love to spend more time making fabulous Italian dishes for my family.

  57. I would love to host a dinner party for my non Italian friends and family with a Nonna Box. I’m very passionate about my Italian heritage, what a great way to learn about and share the many regions and food customs of Italy and truly toast Mangia Bene!

  58. my father was born in Lucca, and my mothers family is from Calabria. i cook and bake all the time and Italian recipes are my favorite! i am always trying new recipes and new ingredients. i would love to win this box and all the great items inside!!!!

  59. I love to cook Italian food. When I visited Sicily I really enjoyed going into the local markets and looking at all the different ingredients and that is why I would like to win this Nonna box.

  60. I would love to win the, as I really want to go back to Italy. I love Florence, but have never seen much more of Tuscany or Umbria.

  61. I didn’t even know they had Nonna Boxes. I’d love to try out foods from the different regions of Italy. Thank you for the opportuniy. My, maternal relatives were all from Calabria so that would be nice.
    Carol L

  62. I love to cook! Even though I don’t think my ancestors ever left the United Kingdom, except to immigrate to Canada/US, I swear I must be part Italian. Italian cuisine would probably be the cuisine of choice if I had to limit myself to one type. I’d love to try out some new recipes!

    Thank you,


  63. i would love to try new foods and recipes – i am italian – ALL italian – mom and dad’s parents born in italy – i would love to start new traditions and keep the old – oh i hop i win

  64. Where I live, specialty Italian ingredients are hard to find, and this is a disappointment to me as a native New Yorker from an Italian family who grew up with pork stores and Italian delis and bakeries on every corner. I love to cook, to uphold our family traditions, and to experiment with new recipes and ingredients. I’d love to try out a Nonna box and if it’s a keeper, I’d likely purchase more!

  65. My family comes from Foggia (I was recently there for a visit October 2016) and my husbands mothers family come from Parma. When we visit Italy we like to go to as many places as we can to learn about the people, history and food. Umbria is on our list of places to visit as we head north (we are already planning our next visit for 2018) and to be able to experience some of the tastes now would be amazing. Then again all the food in Italy is amazing!!

  66. I am the last of the family to try to carry on traditions I was brought up with. All 4 of my grandparents were born in Italy, Sicily, Naples and Palermo.
    My granddaughter and I are planning to take Italian language classes this summer. I can understand alot of it but have trouble speaking it.
    She calls me Nonna, which I love. She helps me make ricotta, cannoli, gnocchi, she will definitely be the one to carry on traditions.
    I would love to give this to her for her birthday.

  67. would love to help my culinary experiences broaden and try new taste and flavors of Italy. This box would help with that culinary experience.

  68. I always told my sweet father that I was thankful that I was born Italian. My Dad was born in Pettorano sul Gizio, and my Mom’s Parents were born in Guiliana di Roma. I have always been so proud of my Italian heritage, our people, traditions, and our food. I would enjoy receiving the gift of the Nonna Box, but if I don’t, I will be happy for the winner you chose.

  69. What a fun way to have an opportunity to try different things. In the main, I’m a scratch cook and am Italian so that is the “style” of most of our meals. This would just be fun to play wth, and perhaps be “fast food” for me in the pantry when it’s just not a slow food day!!

  70. My Italian mother in law won’t share her recipes. I would love to knock her socks off with something made with Nonna Box – but I would share my Nonna Box experience with her.

  71. I was born second generation Italian from Neapolitan heritage. All of my food derives from this region of Italy. It would be educational and fulfilling to try this food from another area of Italy. After all, if it’s from Italy, it has to be delicious!!

  72. Would love to try the different pastas.
    Also, would love to learn traditional recipes.
    I love wine-but don’t know how to pair it with food.
    The information on the cards would be very helpful.
    I teach cooking and could learn some new skills to teach my students.

  73. Winning this box of goodies would just make my New Year! I would look forward to using the new recipes and all the ingredients in the box to help prepare the new recipes.

  74. My husband is from Sicily and in my household cooking is a pleasure and creativity for the whole family. I would be thrilled to try NonnaBox’s products and recipes.

  75. this opportunity to try italian cooking is wonderful – being italian and watching my grandmother cook has left great memories – i am hoping i can do this with my grandchildren – oh i hope i win

  76. Being Italian and a Nonna myself this would be an amazing gift! I’m also planning on visiting my home town in May of this year to catch up with cousins. Frassinetto here I come!

  77. A delicious combination of foods, my Nonna and Momma would love to open and bring a wide smile to their faces…… thank you for bringing to us.

  78. I love the Italian cuisine. I especially love trying new areas of Italy. I got to visit Umbria in 2016 for the first time. The fun is trying the cuisine in each area and then experimenting with it at home.

  79. I would like to win this so that I could give this as a gift to either my sister or my son. I would love to see what she does with these ingredients, she makes the most delicious meals. Or give it to my 23 year old son who has started experimenting with different ingredients and comes up with amazing meals. I think this would be a great gift for either one of them. Would love to win.

  80. I would love to win as my family-in-law is Italian! This would be so FUN to try this box out with them! Happy New Year!

  81. This Nonna box reminds me of when I was a little. Nonna Nina would whip of meals with everyday staple food in the pantry. I miss her her pesto. This aurgula pesto sounds amazing. And crusty bread toasted with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt mmmmm. Would love to win this box brings back memory

  82. i would love to try this recipe with my daughter just like i learned to cook italian with my mother – what good memories i have in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother who came from italy – oh i hope i win

  83. I’m always up for trying new items not to mention they all sound great. I’d love to experiment with it. I love to try new things.

  84. My Nonna was from Abruzzo and what a cook she was, always creating something with what was in the cupboards. I am the same way. I would love to win this great italian sampler of food.

  85. I love this idea and what a wonderful gift to give someone. Sharing the different regions of Italy in which each has such different cooking styles. Nonna’s have perfecta the art and are go to chefs, I would enjoy sampling these recipes and recreating these regional specialties! cibo bouno!

  86. Quite simply I would like to win because I am not familiar with the Nonna line of products, and this would be a good opportunity to taste them. I am 100% Italian. My Mother was from the province of Avellino, a town called Montemarano. If I win, I would also want to share the products with my sister, Veronica. Thank you for considering me.

  87. I would love to wine this box. It has been so long since I’ve used gooseberry’s, what a treat! Thank you.

  88. I would love to win. My grandparents came right off tje boat and past away a few yrs ago
    . my wifes mother also came offcthe boat and she cant cook anymore. If i were to win this i could cok for my wife andcher mother

  89. i remember with great love cooking with my mother – i now have those memories – i would love to cook with my daughter and this box of goodies would create wonderful memories – plus a delicious dinner – oh where is that bottle of wine – i hope i win

  90. I love Italy and I miss the country and the people there so much. I’ve been following your newsletter and recipes for some time. Each time I read it or cook something you’ve listed I feel like I’m right there, I’m back home. You seem to have a real grasp what Italian is deep inside. I am sure that anything you put together will be fantastico! Mille Grazie for this tasty contest and for your great Newsletter.

  91. the only thing i can say is,im italian, i love italian food,i love to cook italian meals and some baking too. my mother was actually born in italy,the naples area,rocco d`vandro. my father although born in america,parents were from abruzzi. it would just be great have this gift box. thank you for listening to me.

  92. oh i love cooking italian – i have fond memories of my grandmother and mother cooking those delicious italian dinners on sundays – everyone gathered around – and the aroma was unbelievable – oh i hope i win – let me find that bottle of wine !!

  93. Some interesting ingredients to play around in the kitchen. . .not that I need another excuse to spend my day there.

  94. I enjoy your website and haven’t tried a recipe I didn’t like. Winning this box would be great! Thank you for the chance.

  95. I would love to win this box to share with my children, My Farther and his parents ( my Grand parents ) come from Italy, and Compofranco, Sicily . Going to Italy is on my wish list.
    Thank you
    Nancy Favata Lambert

  96. I would love a Nonna box to share with my kids. It would be fun to have them in the kitchen and learn about their heritage!

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